Hanz On Music on the 4/20 mini-tour with Method Man and Redman


Next week, Hanz On Music artists Hannibal the Great and Carlton Fisk will be opening for Meth and Red on what we’re calling the 4/20 tour which takes the group to Colorado and Idaho.

Tour Dates:

04/18 at Aggie Theater in Fort Collins, CO [tickets]
04/19 at Revolution Concert House in Garden City, ID [tickets]
04/20 at Cevante’s in Denver, CO [tickets]

Hanz On Music West Coast Tour February/March 2013


Starting tomorrow, Hanz On Music artists Hanz On and Carlton Fisk will begin a west coast tour in support of Method Man.

2013 Hanz On Music West Coast Tour Dates

Tues 2.26 – Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room, 925 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
Wed 2.27 – Domino Room, 51 N.w. Greenwood Avenue Bend, OR 97701
Thurs 2.28 – 1015 Folsom, 1015 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Fri. 3.1 -Key Club 9039, Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Sun 3.3 – The Observatory 3503 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Hip Hop Has Heart, Helps Katrina Victims

Hip Hop frequently gets a bad rap (pun intended) for promoting expensive lifestyles, glamorizing violence and misogyny. However, you know despite what’s pushed on the airwaves and propaganda, Hip Hop has always been about taking care of others and the community when it can. Several well-known Hip Hop celebs have hooked up to help those affected by Katrina. Hip Hop Wired reports: 

Yes, it’s been a stand out year for Aristotle and his By Any Means crew. However, he isn’t too big to not give back to the community.

Armed with Dorell Wright of the Philadelphia 76ers and The Hood Chef, the director of Nas’ “Bye Baby” fed over 500 people in the New York City area affected by Hurricane Sandy. Starting their trek in the West Brighton section of Staten Island, the fully functioning food truck went to Brooklyn’s Coney Island, The Rockaways in Queens, and ended with stops at homeless shelters in the Bronx and, finally, Manhattan.

The food drive was made possible by Dorell Wright’s D Wright Way foundation and a charitable donation from the NBA sharpshooter. Check out the photos and videos from the run after the kick.

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Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Show Jumpstarts TV Network and Sponsorships Talks for 4th Quarter Broadcasting Partners

NEW YORK, Aug. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony & Concert Television show is kicking into high gear by jumpstarting talks with various television & cable network stations and Corporate Sponsorship brands to solidify the shows 4th quarter broadcast partnerships. “The response has been great from broadcasters, major brands, music artists & executives to participate as we look forward to having our television broadcast partners announced in September,” stated show creator and executive producer James JT Thompson. This will be the first broadcast of the show since airing in national syndication and on BET Cable Network in the 90s.

The show will feature Celebrity hosts with special guest appearances, and performances from some of Hip Hop Music & Cultures most recognizable Artists and Celebrities. Hip Hop Hall of Fame officials released the nominees for induction into the 2012 Hall of Fame Class last week, and the Honorees are excited and looking forward to participating in the return of the television special that will be seen in the USA and around the world.

The production company and creative team is currently moving forward with agreements with celebrity talent for the show, and are expected to make continuous announcements over the next few months in regards to the Celebrity Hosts, Performers, Presenters, and Corporate Partnerships.

We are dedicated to the entire culture of hip hop, from the DJ, the MC, the B-Boy/Girls, the Graffiti Artists, the Music, to the Businesses, Leaders, and People who have shaped and influenced the culture since its inception in all phases. “This will be monumental and be around for many generations to come,” says Easy AD Harris, a Hip Hop Hall of Fame Brand Officer, and Iconic member of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has also begun discussions with interested distributors of the upcoming documentary film entitled ‘This is a Journey….. A Hip Hop Hall of Fame History Story’ that has begun filming. The film will be a concert and performance based production with interviews and stories from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the new millennium artists and trendsetters who influence the world of hip hop here in America and abroad. This film will be on par with the recent success of Ice T’s ‘the Art of Rap’, and deliver a unique history of hip hop music and culture from the people that started it, and currently live it today.

For more information, fans can follow at the official website , or at , or at . For more information about the upcoming events, participation, media inquiries, and corporate sponsorships contact Hip Hop Global Media & Entertainment, Bobby Fisher or Alexia Martinique at

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards logo is available at

Source: Virtual Strategy

‘Liquid Swords’ box set reminder of Wu-Tang dominance

wu-tang clan mixtapes have inspired a generationWhen you mention the year 1995 to any hip-hop fan in their late 20s or above, you might be susceptible to them pining for a lost era, the so-called last “golden age” before the signing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that changed radio and popular music, especially hip-hop, forever. If you’re not old enough to remember the mid-1990s and what it symbolizes in the eyes of older hip-hop fans, it might come off as a bit of “baby-boomer-mad-that-it’s-not-the-1960s” whining.

But trust the older folks. They kind of have a point.
It’s one of the last eras where rap was fine being just rap and didn’t have to collaborate with outside forces or care about said outside forces in order to be successful. It was one of the last eras in which a hip-hop artist could be willfully unique, dark and impenetrable musically and still move masses of people willing to go along with the creator’s journey. It’s not that it doesn’t happen now, it’s that it doesn’t happen on a bigger scale anymore.
That’s what makes GZA’S “Liquid Swords” a remarkable album, and it’s why it deserves to be part of Get On Down’s Masters Series.
After the success of several Wu-Tang Clan solo albums (Raekwon’s “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx,” Method Man’s “Tical” and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Return to the 36 Chambers”), “Liquid Swords” might have bested them all.
While Raekwon brought the aggression, Method Man brought the vibe and Dirty brought the sideshow, GZA (with help from RZA on the production boards) brought the vibe, the aggression and the skills that pulled listeners in and didn’t let them go until the final track faded out. Among many hip-hop heads, “Liquid Swords” is considered the best Wu-Tang solo album not named “Supreme Clientele.”
While “Liquid Swords” didn’t have the massive hits that the previous three Wu solo outputs had, it was the most put-together album. That’s why Get On Down decided to lionize this LP with a box set that includes the original album remastered, a separate disc for instrumentals (available for the first time), 20 pages of liner notes that include an interview with GZA about the making of the album and a fantastic chess set with miniature pieces and a board printed onto the inner lining of the box that the set comes in.
The instrumentals were remastered from original source tapes and give the listener a chance to imagine what the genius was feeling when he wrote his rhymes—or maybe even inspire the listener to write some. With the chess set, whether you were introduced to chess through the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Da Art of Shadowboxing” music video or are just a chess player who happens to be a Wu fan, the addition makes the box set a must-have.
After the success of ODB’s “Return to the 36 Chambers” wallet/ID card reissue last year, Get On Down proves they know their audience again with this celebration of yet another Wu-related LP. “Liquid Swords” is a must-own.

Source: Amsterdam News