10 Creative Gift Card Wrapping Ideas for a Memorable Baby Shower Present

Are you looking for a unique way to present your baby shower gift? Gift cards are a practical and thoughtful present, but they can feel impersonal when not presented well. Make your gift stand out with these ten creative gift card wrapping ideas that will add a personal touch to your present and make it memorable for the mom-to-be. From cute diaper cakes to themed mason jars, there is something for every style and budget. Let’s get wrapping!

What are some unique ways to wrap a gift card for a baby shower?


What are some DIY gift card wrapping ideas for a baby shower?


What are some eco-friendly gift card wrapping options for a baby shower?


What are some fun and playful ways to wrap a gift card for a baby shower?


What are some creative ways to use ribbon and bows in gift card wrapping for a baby shower?


After trying out these 10 creative gift card wrapping ideas for a baby shower present, users reported feeling more excited and thoughtful about their gift. They also mentioned that the unique and personalized wrapping made the gift stand out and feel more special. Overall, using these ideas will not only make the gift look more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also add an extra touch of love and care to the present.

Create a baby shower gift wrap that will make your gift even more spectacular and will be a real eye-catcher at every baby shower party! And, if you give a gift card, get some ideas how to neatly pimp it up to something really cute and special. Having a gift wrapped is quite easy since most stores offer a gift wrapping service. However, i t is much nicer – and looks a way more personal and lovely – to be creative yourself and it really is easy, too. Here I show you how to spice up your present with an artful packaging, a nice baby congratulations card and loving wishes. By the way, most of my baby shower gift wrap ideas and tips here are not only handy for wrapping baby gifts, but for all other kind of gifts, too! Its always nice to wrap the gift in a suitable color. For a baby shower that would be a pale pink for a girl and light blue for a boy. For unisex gifts shades of green, brown and yellow are popular choices. Other than that, your local greeting cards store for example Hallmark will surely have baby shower gift wrap or gift bags with special baby designs. Everybody loves my homemade diaper cakes. So why not use my photos to create a one of a kind gift wrap for baby boys in pastel colors featuring my diaper babies. More designs in my shop. This idea is very inexpensive and simple but ever so creative! Either use a sheet of your own calendar or print one out. Depending on the size of your gift and sheet either use just the calendar sheet to wrap the present or just use it on top. Mark babys date of birth or if it is a shower gift the expected delivery date – and youre done! An unshaped gift such as for example a plush toy is hard to wrap up and will not look too nice. Alternatively put it in a tin box or also in a decorated shoe box. You can let it poke out the baby gift bag. You may want to use satin gift wrap tissue to line the inside of your gift bag or to place it on top so one cannot immediately see whats in there. Satin gift wrap is available in many pastel colors and ads a festive and elegant touch. If you do not have any satin tissue you can use some napkins alternatively. Decorate a gift box or gift bag with stickers. A shoe box can be laminated with wrapping paper. Use a pen to decorate and to write baby poems or congratulations on your box. Attach some kind of decoration such as a pacifier, flowers, cardboard photobooth props, etc. Gifts are wrapped so that they are a real surprise for the recipient. For this reason it sometimes is a great idea to conceal the gift so the recipient cannot guess the contents right away just think of a wrapped DVD or book- you will most probably be able to guess whats inside due to its unique shape. So here are some exceptional baby shower gift wrap methods. Why not change the form and size of the gift with the packaging? Nobody will guess its a plush toy if you put it in a box before you wrap it! If necessary and possible, change the weight of the gift or package, e. This goes well with baby clothes, bibs, blankets, pacifiers or baby socks. Of course you should not do this, if your gift is heavy and bulky already for example a high chair. Try to avoid noises that might give it away. For example, if you pack a rattle, it will be easy to find out theres a rattle in your package. Thus, secure loose objects or try to dampen the noise with the help of some filling material. If your gift is big and bulky, wrapping it up will be hard. An alternative is to take a photo of it, put it in an envelope or wrap the picture and gift this while leaving the real thing in another room or outside. If you have a spectacular gift such as a gift basket or a diaper cake it would be a shame to use a baby shower gift wrap. Display it as it is by either using clear gift foil wrap and colorful ribbons or by the more ecological way by not using any packaging at all. Diaper Cakes And Diaper Animals. Include your main gift in a diaper cake or diaper animal. Place your teddy bear, cuddly toy or baby doll on top of an easy to make one tier diaper cake. Wrap in cellophane or dont wrap at all! Roll baby hats, onesies, rompers, cuddly toys, blankets, pacifiers, etc. G et instructions for a diaper snail here. With a diaper snail you can cutely showcase baby rompers and bodies included in the snails house , a baby hat, and toys such as a wrist rattle, cuddly toy, pacifier chain, etc. Roll up onesies, baby socks, baby washcloths, etc. Then you can place them just like real cupcakes in an original cupcake gift box – and no additional wrapping needed. Would you believe these little baby gift dolls are made of a rolled up onesie or a bodysuit and a pair of socks? I made these just like my diaper babies but instead of a diaper I have used the onesie which I rolled up together with a piece of sturdy cardboard. Without the cardboard the onesie is too soft. Then I pulled over one sock as a little hat and fixed it with a ribbon. The other sock is the dolls sleeping bag.


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