3 Easy Steps to Register Your Visa Gift Card Without Using GoWallet

Registering a Visa gift card can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are required to use a third-party app like GoWallet. Fortunately, there are ways to complete the process without the hassle. In this article, we will outline three easy steps that will help you register your Visa gift card without relying on GoWallet. Whether you are a first-time user or someone who has struggled with gift card registration in the past, these steps will make the process painless and stress-free.

1. What is a Visa gift card?
A Visa gift card is a prepaid card that can be used just like a regular Visa card. It is typically given as a gift or reward, and can be used to purchase goods and services at any merchant that accepts Visa.

2. Why should I register my Visa gift card?
Registering your Visa gift card can protect you against loss or theft, and can also help you keep track of your balance and transaction history. Additionally, some merchants may require that you register your gift card before you can use it.

3. What are the three easy steps to register my Visa gift card?
First, locate the activation sticker on your gift card and scratch off the silver film to reveal the activation code. Next, visit the Visa gift card activation website and enter the activation code along with the card number and expiration date. Finally, follow the instructions to create an account and register your card.

Registering your visa gift card without using GoWallet has never been easier! By following these three simple steps, you can save time and hassle while still enjoying all the benefits of your gift card. Not only will you avoid the frustration of dealing with a third-party app, but you’ll also have greater control over your gift card balance and spending. So why wait? Register your visa gift card today and start enjoying the convenience and flexibility that it offers.

GoWallet was created in as an application to help consumers store and manage their gift cards. GoWallet is a gift card tracking site that helps keep tabs on balances and the history of various gift cards. The free app and website let consumers upload and store gift cards, buy gift cards, and even sent instant gifts to Facebook friends. GoWallet is brought to buy Gift Card Mall, the world leader in gift cards. How do I check the balance on my Vanilla Gift Card? When do Vons gift cards expire? Most merchant cards on GiftCards. It is not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. It cannot be used at ATMs, for gambling, or at merchants requiring a manual card imprint. If you obtained a credit card through your current bank or credit union, your credit card account may be accessible through your existing online banking account. It should be listed on the back of your credit card. Sign in with your account information, or set up online access to your account most bank websites have a login or signup box on the landing page. Many Visa Gift cards are activated upon purchase and ready to use. Your Visa gift card must be activated in order to be used for purchases either online or in-store. When you purchase a prepaid Visa card, or if you receive the prepaid Visa as a gift, you will be required to register the card before you can use it for any transactions. Website optional. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents 1 What is GoWallet? Written by Sally Maud. Previous Post. Next Post. Search for.
I know many people are waiting to see how things turn out for others before proceeding, so I thought that I would post this follow up along with directions on how to activate and register each card. The Visa gift cards that Staples sells on their website are shipped and distributed by Gift Card Mall. Instead, you will receive two envelopes from Gift Card Mall with a return address as shown in the photos below. This is envelope 1 and contains the activation codes for your Visa gift cards. This usually arrives before the other envelope, but it may arrive after as well. This envelope contains unique 4-digit activation codes for each Visa gift card in your order. The paper inside of Envelope 1 contains instructions on how to activate the cards along with the codes. Note I have blanked out the last four digits of the card number. This is the envelope which contains the actual Visa gift cards. Since my recent orders had multiple gift cards, the envelope containing the actual cards is shown above. In the past I have ordered single gift cards and they have come in a normal white letter envelope. Note that the return address is the same on both the activation code envelope and the one containing the actual card s. Activating the gift cards is a simple process, but it can take a little time if you have many gift cards. I will walk you through the process. The link above is a backdoor link to the old version of the website. This is the Visa gift card activation page. If you ordered less than 15 cards in one order, then you must activate each card individually. Bulk activation only applies when you have purchased 15 or more gift cards on the same order. Type in the digit Visa gift card number and the corresponding activation code. If you would like to opt-in to receive special offers then fill in your name and email address. If not, then uncheck the box. You should be taken to a page that confirms the card is activated. Note Two times I was given a message that the card would be activated within 24 hours since the website seemed to time out. I found that the cards were still activated right away despite this message. It is important to know that you DO NOT need to register your cards if you are going to use them in a store or to load your Bluebird or Serve cards at Walmart. If you want to use the cards for online purchases, then you will need to register the cards. By default, the pin number is the last four digits of the Visa gift card number. That website actually redirects to their partner Go Wallet. You will now be asked to create a new Go Wallet account or to sign into your existing account. Next up is the registration page where you can link the Visa gift card to your name and address. You will now see the card in your Go Wallet account. You can change the registration information and the pin once it is registered if you so desire. Activating and registering the Visa gift cards purchased from Staples is very easy. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. You have to call up GiftCardMall. Keep pressing 0 till you reach customer service. Then they will ask you for order number, etc and they will activate it within 24 hours. I put in an order for visa gift cards on staples. Only received the activation codes, not the gift cards.


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