5 Reasons Why eGift Cards Are the Perfect Gift for Kids

As a parent or guardian, finding the perfect gift for kids can be a daunting task, especially when they seem to have everything already. From toys to clothes, the options are endless, yet not all will be appreciated. That’s why eGift cards have become a popular choice for many. Here are five reasons why eGift cards are the perfect gift for kids, based on user experience.

What are eGift cards?

eGift cards are digital versions of traditional gift cards that can be purchased and sent online.

Why are eGift cards a great gift for kids?

Kids love technology and eGift cards allow them to easily purchase items online, while also giving them the freedom to choose what they want.

How can parents ensure the safety of their child’s eGift card?

Parents can set spending limits and monitor their child’s purchases, as well as educate them on safe online shopping practices.

Which retailers offer eGift cards for kids?

Many popular retailers, such as Amazon, Target, and iTunes, offer eGift cards that can be used to purchase a variety of items.

Can eGift cards be personalized for kids?

Yes, many eGift cards allow for personalization with messages or images, making them a perfect gift for any occasion.

1. eGift cards are a great option for kids who are hard to shop for, as they can choose their own gift from a wide range of options.
2. They can be easily redeemed online, making it convenient for both the giver and the receiver.
3. eGift cards can be sent instantly, making them perfect for last-minute gifts or surprise occasions.
4. They eliminate the need for physical gift cards, reducing waste and clutter.
5. Finally, eGift cards can be customized with personalized messages or images, adding a personal touch to the gift.

My picks for the best gift cards for kids plus tips on how to pick out the best gift cards for children. Spoiler alert! Toy stores are at the bottom. Helping people buy gift cards for kids is one of my favorite things to do. First, you have to understand the types of gift cards that work well for kids such as cards they can redeem without needing mom to go with them or dollar values that are spendable without chipping in additional money. Once you understand how kids use gift cards, you can easily pick one that meets the criteria. I love this topic so much, I did a study on kids and gift cards last year to find out even more. Then read below for a more general discussion on kids and gift cards. Each card is usable at a curated line of stores and restaurants all designed around a particular theme. Kids and parents can use this gift card at any one of the locations listed on the cardand the card can be used at more than one. For example, with a Happy Dining gift card, you can use part of the balance to go to dinner and the remainder of the gift card to buy a smoothie afterwards. Buy Happy Card Gift Cards. See other Multi-Store Gift Cards. Plus, kids can put these gift cards to work right away, downloading music and games instantly. Buy Spotify gift cards and iTunes gift cards. Gift cards that can be used anywhere are wonderfully convenient because kids can shop locally or online at any place Visa is accepted. Buy Personalized Visa gift cards or Mastercard gift cards. Also meeting the criteria below, Target, Walmart, and other large merchants have a variety of products in all price categories and have stores everywhere including online so these gift cards are fairly easy for kids to enjoy. They can shop for toys, games, clothes, treats and more. Buy Target gift cards. My kids often shop Amazon. Then, they to make the hard choice to pay extra for expedited shipping or wait longer for the gift to arrive. If you have a Prime membership that your kids can use, then consider this one of the best gift cards for kids. Buy Amazon gift cards. A gift card to the local theater or a Fandango gift card that can be used at almost any theater is a good choice for kids. Deliver with a pack of theater candy that the child can enjoy immediately or save for the movie. Kids enjoy buying treats for themselves and may even spring for the rest of the family with this gift card. Low dollar amounts are usable. Same goes for Frozen Yogurt shops. Buy Cold Stone gift cards. Provided mom is okay with fast food, these gift cards are fun for kids and tweens to receive. My daughter is obsessed with Taco Bell. Buy Subway gift cards or Burger King gift cards. Clothing stores only make the list if you put a usable dollar amount on the card and know where the recipient likes to shop. If you have a sporty guy or gal on your list, then a gift card to Nike, Foot Locker, or a local sporting goods store is a good choice. Shoes are costly and so are the clothes. But kids love these brands so go for it if you put a usable amount on the card. Buy Build-a-Bear Workshop gift cards or Michaels gift cards. That advice has stayed with me all these years and is now a tool I use to sort through teenage frustrations and injustices. The lesson also applies to kids and gift cards. Trust me, even big kids will cry like toddlers if using a gift card is a challenge. To that end, gift cards for kids should meet the following criteria. This is true for everybody, but especially true for children who may not have money in their piggy banks. Put a dollar amount on the gift card that can be easily used. If your budget is limited, then get a gift card to a store that offers low-price options. Ideal gift cards for kids can be redeemed within walking distance or a short trip in the car. To little people, it seems like so much fun to shop like a big person! Read how my kids struggled to use a gift card from Disney. Adults may be disappointed, but frustrated kid shoppers can get ugly in a hurry. Be sure the gift card you give can be redeemed for a variety of items. Let me also caution you, however, that too many choices can be frustrating as well. For kids who need mom to take them shopping in order to redeem a gift card, selecting a merchant that she enjoys will help ensure mom is willing to take the trip and could even give junior a way to liquidate an unwanted gift card. My son, for example, was saving up to buy something on Amazon. When he got a Target gift card for his birthday, I bought the gift card from him at face value so he could apply the money towards his savings goal. I have no problem cashing out gift cards that are easy for ME to use. The bailout option is a bonus, not a requirement. Talking about kids and gift cards is one of my favorite subjects because I have been through so many good and bad experiences while shopping with kids and their gift cards.


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