5 Warning Signs of Gift Card Scams on Kijiji Protect Yourself from Fraud

Are you a regular user of Kijiji to buy and sell gift cards? If yes, then it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers of gift card scams. In this article, we’ll discuss the five warning signs of gift card scams on Kijiji and provide you with tips to protect yourself from fraud. Stay informed and stay safe while using the platform to make your transactions.

What are gift card scams on Kijiji?

Gift card scams on Kijiji are fraudulent activities where scammers trick unsuspecting individuals into purchasing gift cards that never exist or are already used.

How do scammers operate on Kijiji?

Scammers on Kijiji often use enticing ads and fake profiles to lure potential victims.

What are the warning signs of gift card scams on Kijiji?

Some warning signs of gift card scams on Kijiji include overly discounted gift cards, requests for payment through unsecured channels, and pressure to make a quick purchase.

How can you protect yourself from gift card scams?

To protect yourself from gift card scams on Kijiji, be wary of overly discounted gift cards, avoid payment through unsecured channels, and verify the authenticity of sellers and their gift cards.

What should you do if you fall victim to a gift card scam on Kijiji?

If you fall victim to a gift card scam on Kijiji, report the scam to Kijiji, your local police department, and your financial institution.

In conclusion, staying vigilant and aware of the warning signs of gift card scams on Kijiji can protect you from becoming a victim of fraud. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can confidently navigate the online marketplace and avoid falling prey to scammers. Remember, always trust your instincts and never hesitate to report suspicious activity to the authorities. With these precautions in place, you can safely enjoy the convenience and savings of buying and selling on Kijiji.

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Scammers be scamming out there. Even the most savvy and sensible among us can fall victim to convincing threats or a believable story. Fraudsters rely on scare tactics and emotional extortion to con money from people. The government offers a Little Black Book of Scams to help prevent the public from being duped. Here are seven scams that Hamiltonians should be on the lookout for. If you have someone buying thousands of dollars in iTunes gift cards, ask why, says Hamilton police Getty Images. Scammers can use a technique called call spoofing to make it seem like a call is coming directly from a credit card company or other trusted source. The scammer may ask you to buy gift cards and then ask for the card information and the three-digit access codes. Many have unknowingly fallen victim to this scam and can get left on the hook for thousands of dollars. The SIM swap scam occurs when someone calls your cellphone provider, pretending to be you, and tells the provider youre switching your number to a different company or device. This scam occurs when someone calls your cellphone provider , pretending to be you, and tells the provider youre switching your number to a different company or device, says Hamilton police Staff Sgt. Greg Doerr of the major fraud unit. If the scammer has enough information to dupe the provider into believing theyre you, theyre then given access to your phone, your apps and your digital life. This means they may have access to your information such as your social insurance number and banking information. They can then drain accounts. Torstar file photo. Scammers often target seniors with this scam. They call a number and ask Can you hear me? Theres been an accident and I need money. What you learn from taping a call with the CRA scammers. Orchard Terrace in Stoney Creek, Hamilton police want to help seniors avoid scams. Perhaps it starts with a chance encounter or one on a legitimate dating site. In many cases, the perpetrator of the scam claims their ability to meet in person is limited, due to travel, overseas business or military deployment. The suspect will then present a problem that needs to be solved with a small loan of money , such as a lost passport or a failing business deal. The perpetrator may then claim they want to meet the victim in person but that they cannot do so unless the problem is solved, or until they are back in the country. They may state that there is an opportunity to make lots of money on a chance deal, contingent on a small investment with a guaranteed return. When in doubt, hang up the phone, Hamilton police remind the public. This occurs when someone posts online , saying theyre looking for a job, or answer an ad for a job. A scammer responds to their ad or inquiry and hires them. Next, the scammer tells the victim they will be sending them a cheque they need them to cash. The victim is told to keep a portion of the cheque for their salary, but to transfer most of it to a bank account managed by the scammer , or take out the amount and deposit it into a bitcoin machine. The victim eventually loses out when the bank gets wise to whats going on, tells the victim the cheque was fraudulent, and recoups the cost from the victim. Hamilton police want to help seniors avoid falling victim to fraud, including telephone scams. If you pick up the phone and theres an automated voice on the line telling you that you owe the government money and to send it in bitcoin form, 99 times out of , its a scam. They tell the victim they owe money or that there is a warrant for their arrest and then ask for personal information, such as a social insurance number, or money. Then the race was on to get it back. Halton police say in a typical romance scam, the relationship will start with an anonymous connection, usually through a dating website or application. Getty Images. Its buyer beware when it comes to purchasing items online from third party resellers. People can fall prey to scams on sites such as Kijiji where a reseller is offering tickets to an event. The person either pays for the tickets and never receives them, or does receive them, only to learn theyre fake when the person tries to attend the event. A caller pretending to be police investigating on behalf of the Canada Revenue Agency. Lisanne Roy Beauchamp with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre shared these tips for how to best protect yourself from fraud. If youre robbed, that could make you an easy target for identity theft. If the deal seems too good to be true, it just might be. If you want to donate to a charity, reach out to them directly. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to www.


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