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As a passionate angler, you know the value of having the right fishing gear. And when it comes to winning big, BassResource is known for offering some of the best giveaways in the industry. Whether you’re looking for rods, reels, lures, or other fishing essentials, the Ultimate Fishing Gear giveaway is your chance to score big and take your angling game to the next level. So don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to win the gear you need to reel in the biggest catch of your life!

What is the BassResource Giveaway?

The BassResource Giveaway is a promotional event that offers participants a chance to win some of the best fishing gear available on the market.

How do I enter the BassResource Giveaway?

To enter the BassResource Giveaway, simply visit the BassResource website and follow the instructions on the giveaway page.

What prizes can I win in the BassResource Giveaway?

The BassResource Giveaway offers a range of prizes, including fishing rods, reels, lures, tackle boxes, and other essential gear for your next fishing trip.

When does the BassResource Giveaway end?

The BassResource Giveaway typically runs for a limited time, so be sure to check the giveaway page for the latest updates and deadlines.

How are winners selected in the BassResource Giveaway?

Winners in the BassResource Giveaway are typically selected at random, but some giveaways may have specific criteria or requirements for participation.

As per the user experience, participating in the BassResource Giveaway can be highly beneficial for fishing enthusiasts. The ultimate fishing gear offered in the giveaway can help users enhance their fishing experience and increase their chances of catching bigger fish. Moreover, the giveaway provides an opportunity to win big without having to spend a dime. So, if you are a fishing enthusiast, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to upgrade your fishing gear and win big.

I have guys ask me all the time how many rods and reels do I have. The short answer is too many. I want to try the newest bass fishing toys. Even before I had to try these toys and report on them so you guys know which toys to play with, I had this nervous tick when I went into the tackle shop and there was a new bass fishing stick for which I developed an insatiable appetite. Okay maybe nothing in fishing is exact, but in bass fishing I think six will get most guys to where they need to be in their competitive nature, whether that be against the bass or the other bass anglers in their club. Of course I might have six rods stuffed in Rod Gloves jammed into one rod tube in my Ranger rod locker and another 20 jammed in the other tubes. That was fishing muddy grass laden fisheries like Lake Dardanelle on the Arkansas River or clear grass laden fisheries up north like Champlain in New York. And pretty much everything after that is some duplicate or derivative of those six rods. Main purpose crankbaits 7-foot medium-heavy power baitcaster combo mod-fast to fast action Main purpose texas-rigs and jigs. Main purpose spinnerbaits, vibrating and swimming jigs 6-foot, 9-inch medium power spinning combo moderate to mod-fast action Main purpose shaky heads, drop shots, lightweight plastics or light jerkbaits and topwaters You can do a lot of bass fishing with various patterns, in many weather conditions, seasons, types of fisheries and situations with these six combos. It basically gives you a strong mix of contact baits worm, jig, shaky head and reaction baits topwater, jerkbait, crankbait, and spinnerbaits. But when you first set out to find bass, you really only need one or two of a certain reaction bait and keep rotating through them until you figure out what the bass want. Then as you start to figure out they are on a certain type of reaction bait or a certain type of contact bait you can bring your duplicate rods into play. But when I was getting started, six rods served me well for a lot of years. If you have a bunch of rods, going back through your Rod and Reel Matrix can be a good exercise to find your six productive combos. My favorite days are actually those days when you have one rod on the deck and everything else is in the rod locker. Plus we have all these fun toys and it seems a shame to leave them in their Plano boxes too long. How many combos do you find yourself fishing on an average fishing trip? Fishing Tips. Fishing Videos. Giveaways Giveaways Giveaway Winners.
In much of the country the bass are either moving to beds, on bed, or are moving from beds. The Zoom Super Fluke is one of the best options for coaxing strikes from these fish. Even for those anglers in parts of the Northeast and Midwest, where the seasons are just opening, the Super Fluke is still a dynamite option, one that rivals even live bait on many occasions. For those of you who need convincing that the Super Fluke is the perfect option this month, here are four options, at least one of which should suit your situation. In parts of the country, the bass season is just opening and hordes of eager anglers are making their way to the lakes and rivers, most of which are still quite cold. Since bass, being cold-blooded, are likely to be quite sluggish this month in those areas placing a Zoom Super Fluke on a dropshot and slowly working it along flats adjacent deepwater and secondary points leading into spawning flats should be deadly. There really is no wrong way to fish the lure in this manner, though making a long cast and slowly, methodically twitching it back to the boat, is often the most effective means of searching for sluggish fish. When professional anglers are looking for a bite under tough conditions, they often tie on their favorite lure and work known haunts for finicky eaters. Well, bass that are moving up to spawn definitely qualify as finicky, since eating is not their primary concern. A very successful technique employed by professional anglers is to rig a Super Fluke Texas-style, with a small bullet-weight pegged at the nose, and fan-cast areas that pre-spawn bass are likely moving into, to spawn. Use the lure to target cover such as stumps, debris, laydowns and anything else that could shield shy, skittish fish from other predators. Place one of the nail weights into the nose of one of the lures, ensuring everything but the head of the weight is inside the body of the Super Fluke. Then drive the point of the hook through the back of the lure, just before the tail, and allow it to exit, creating an exposed hook. Now, when you cast the lure into a bed, you can twitch the lure in place, for the nose stays down like that of feeding bluegill, which bass hate. When fished this way, the Super Fluke drives bass wild. The Super Fluke really shines when fished weightless, allowing it to dart, bob and spiral on a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve.


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