Cool and Creative Gift Card Holders for Every Occasion

Looking for a unique and fun way to present your gift cards? Look no further than these cool and creative gift card holders! Whether you’re giving a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, these holders are sure to add an extra touch of excitement to your present. From handmade designs to customizable options, there’s something for every taste and style. So why settle for a boring old envelope when you can give a gift card that’s truly memorable?

What are some unique gift card holder ideas for birthdays?


What are some fun and festive gift card holders for the holidays?


In conclusion, opting for cool and creative gift card holders can make a lasting impression on the recipient. These unique holders add a personal touch to any occasion and show that you’ve put thought and effort into your gift. Not only are they practical, but they also add a fun and playful element to the gift-giving experience. So, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or any other occasion, consider using a stylish gift card holder to elevate your gifting game.

I love giving and receiving gift cards for the holidays. I do realize that some people feel like gift cards are a little impersonal. What if you personalize or make the holder for the gift card? I feel like this is a great way to add the handmade touch that a lot of people feel are missing from gift certificates and cards. These ideas for Christmas gift card holders are so inspiring, and you can pick one based on what you have on hand or what supplies are easily accessible to you. Scroll down to see them! To make gift card giving more fun this year, I made these felt gift card holders. Theres a Santa, a snowman, and an elf! Arent they cute?! Follow the sewing pattern provided and you end up with a cute gift card holder pocket on the back of the tree and adorable pom-pom decorations on the front. Learn how to make the cutest gift card holder out of a sheet of scrapbook paper with your Cricut. If you like to give gift cards, this is going to be a go-to project. Those paper bows are so sweet! This adorable snowman not only hugs the gift card, but its arms open up so you can take the card out! Theres even a free template if you like. Shannon used old tack boxes along with Mod Podge and glitter to make these festive DIY gift card holders. You can use them to store small items as well. Use your favorite holiday fabric along with snaps or velcro to make a festive card holder. The best part about these holders? They are reusable. Create a DIY gift card holder using an old cassette tape case! Use Mod Podge and some pretty papers to surprise the recipient. This easy DIY origami gift card holder makes a cute way to gift a gift card. Yep, no glue or tape needed! Just the art of folding paper for these beauties. You can turn these mini stockings into a gift card banner or tie them onto the top of bigger gifts! The best part is once you are done with them, you can hang them on the tree. Spray paint a mason jar and add a personalized tag for a fun and unique gift card holder! I like the idea of adding some favorite wrapped candy to this jar as well. You can make these DIY gift card holders in 10 minutes or less with fabric scraps and a sewing machine. Cheryl added ribbon and embellishments to turn these mini red bags into Santa themed gift card holders. If you want to get fancy you could add some white trim on the top for extra cuteness. Not all gift card holders have to be holiday themed! These monster card holders are such a fun way to give a gift card to a child. I love the googly eyes! Katie made a template so that you can use any of your favorite scrapbook papers as gift card holders, making this work perfectly for Christmas or any other holidays. This is another idea using your Cricut. I like the way that these open up like a book and have the card tucked inside. These gift card sleeves are created by recycling old Christmas cards! Its the perfect handmade touch, frugal, and earth friendly. Can you believe these Mickey and Minnie gift card cuties are made using duct tape? Love it! They are perfect for Disney themed gift cards for holiday or birthday. I love vibrant the colors are that she chose for this project. Very festive! You can use iron on patches, iron on vinyl, or anything else you like to decorate. These pillow boxes are made from paper towel rolls and then decorated with washi tape! They are the perfect way to reuse so that you can spend more money on the gift card and not the packaging. Using the free template provided and your favorite scrapbook paper, you can easily make these paper boxes! The boxes were so simple and turned out perfectly sized. This is super simple to put together if you already have plain pillow boxes. If not, they also provide a link to make your own! Great for kids who want to give cars to their teachers or other kids. This is a great last minute teacher or neighbor gift card idea. Just print out the free printable and put everything in a frame! White Chocolate Snickerdoodles Dipped with Toffee. Continue to Content. Christmas Felt. Fabric Christmas Tree. Crochet Snowman. Recycled Magazines. Photo Credit craftinomicon. Colorful Glitter. Simple Sewing. Photo Credit whilewearingheels. Cassette Tape Case. Mini Stocking. Mason Jar. Ten Minute Holder. Santa Bags. Photo Credit www. Monster Holder. Scrapbook Paper. Paper Tri-Fold. Photo Credit hellocreativefamily. Recycled Card Sleeve. Washi Tape. Free Template. Photo Credit sustainmycrafthabit. Printable in Frame. Click here to cancel reply.
After searching high and low for the perfect Christmas gift , you may return to this old truism sometimes the best gift is cash. When you give someone money, they can buy something that they actually want and will use, instead of something they feel obligated to keep or that they will secretly return.


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