Discover the Wonders of the Sea with Our Exclusive Snorkel Promo Code

Looking for a unique and exhilarating way to explore the wonders of the ocean? Look no further than our exclusive snorkel promo code. With this special offer, you can experience the thrill of swimming alongside colorful fish, vibrant coral reefs, and other fascinating underwater creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a first-timer, our promo code makes it easy and affordable to discover the magic of the sea. So don’t wait – book your snorkeling adventure today and start exploring the world beneath the waves!

What is the snorkel promo code all about?

Our snorkel promo code gives you exclusive access to discounts and deals on snorkeling gear and tours, so you can explore the wonders of the sea without breaking the bank.

Why should you try snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a great way to see the incredible diversity of marine life, from colorful fish to coral reefs and even sea turtles.

What kind of gear do you need for snorkeling?

To snorkel safely and comfortably, you’ll need a mask, snorkel, fins, and possibly a wetsuit or rash guard.

Where are the best snorkeling spots?

Some of the best snorkeling spots can be found in tropical destinations like Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

What are some tips for beginner snorkelers?

If you’re new to snorkeling, it’s important to take things slow and practice in shallow water before venturing out into deeper areas.

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Price per Adult . Head out into the early evening to catch all the glory of a magically beautiful Hawaiian sunset before you slip into water, illuminated by the last remnants of daylight. This package takes you from check-in almost immediately out on the water and includes a leisurely sail in addition to your swim with the manta rays. A sunset cruise and manta ray snorkel combined in one amazing aquatic adventure! Take a quick boat ride until you arrive at the Manta Ray Village. Snorkeling time is approximately 1 hour. Scour the water for flowing shapes that move with incredible elegance from the dark. This package sets an unbelievable stage for the appearance of giant manta rays who stand out against the surrounding darkness with breathtaking clarity. Book six guests or more and save! A sunset cruise and manta ray snorkel combined! We had so much fun! I believe we saw 4 or 5 Manta Rays. One kept doing flips and brushing against us. It was a great experience, and the crew was extremely nice and fun. There was no sailing on this trip. The Manta rays are close to where the boat goes in the water. I thought we would have a nice sail while the sun was setting and then get in the water but that was not the case. This expe You are in the water for 45 minutes lying flat with arms outstretched holding onto the handle on one of several connected light boardswhile you have your snorkeled face in the water, and are balancing a noodle under your ankles. You brush up against the people on either side of you. The motion of the ocean gets to be a bit much for many people. I heard a crew member say to another at least no one puked this trip. I have never been sea sick but started feeling queasy and did get out with about 10 minutes to go. You can raise your arm and be escorted back to the boat at any time. You are provided with a half wet suit but still you get chilled. If you have any shoulder problems I would think twice about doing this trip. All that being said it was so cool when the Mantas did show up and swim right past you! There werent many but I got some good video and stills with a camera that I borrowed from a friend. Maybe there is a better time of day or year to see more mantas? If youre positioned on a middle light board you have time to get the camera set because you will hear the people at the ends of the the light boards ooh and aah and cheer! I probably would not do this trip again but notice I didnt say never! The boat was nice , the crew was fine. Lovely time on a light board looking at Mantas. We saw three of these beautiful creatures and many other local fish. The underside of the ocean at night was amazing. It is a bit chilly and the water can be choppy. Great fun though and I will try again in the future. The Hokulani is a 45 ft 14 m Trimaran featuring two restrooms, tanning nets, shaded galley, fresh water shower, and the shape of the boat provides a more stable and smooth ride than a catamaran. You must have swimming and some snorkeling experience to participate. Nonetheless, flotation devices are provided to those who request them, and guides are available to assist if necessary. Big Island. Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour. Search Activities. Currently Viewing. Most Popular. Other Interests. Things to do near your resort Kids Friendly Browse by Age Wheelchair Accessible Highlights Combines a sunset cruise and manta ray snorkel all in one epic tour experience. Set sail on a spacious foot boat with ample seating. Options available for both snorkelers and ride-a-long guests too. Conveniently available daily from Keauhou, Kona. Reviews Great Experience! Overview Big Island. Available Daily. Pick-up not available. Not Accessible. What to expect. Combinsunset cruise and snorkel, enjoy one of the best things to do on the Big Island, and swim with wild manta rays! The calm waters of Keauhou Bay are the perfect backdrop for an evening Big Island manta ray snorkel where you will witness these magnificent marine creatures feasting on microscopic plankton. After a brief boat ride from the Keauhou Bay Pier, your expert captain and crew will get you set up with everything you will need know and all of your equipment before you head into a magical moonlit underwater world. Once you experience snorkeling among the manta rays, you will see why this is one of the best things to do in the Big Island, and often highly ranked on top ten lists of activities in Hawaii! Shade is provided by the bimini top over the main cabin. A wide, sturdy ladder off the starboard side of the vessel allows for easy water entry and exit. This one-of-a-kind vessel is unlike any other tour boat on Hawaii Island. Packages Packages Check availability. Total Price per Adult . Availability Calendar. Currently selected. Child Age USD Without pick-up. Schedule View All. Start time . Manta Ray Snorkeling. Read reviews. Transportation add-ons Not available. View detailed map. Start time Oct – Mar Apr – Sep. Keauhou Bay Pier.


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