DIY Tutorial Create a Stunning Gift Card Box in Just a Few Simple Steps

If you’re looking for a creative way to present your gift cards, then look no further than this DIY tutorial. With just a few simple steps, you can create a stunning gift card box that will make your gift stand out. Whether you’re giving a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, this tutorial will help you create a unique and personalized presentation for your gift. So why settle for an ordinary gift card when you can create something special?

What materials do you need to create a gift card box?

– To create a gift card box, you will need cardboard, scissors, glue or double-sided tape, and decorative paper.

How do you measure and cut the cardboard for the gift card box?

– Measure and cut the cardboard to the desired size, leaving an extra inch on each side to fold and create the box.

Can you use any type of decorative paper for the gift card box?

– Yes, you can use any type of decorative paper of your choice to wrap the cardboard box.

How do you fold and assemble the gift card box?

– Fold the cardboard along the extra inch on each side, and use glue or double-sided tape to secure the edges.

What are some creative ways to personalize the gift card box?

– You can add a ribbon or bow, write a personal message, or even attach a small gift to the outside of the box to make it truly unique.

Creating a stunning gift card box through a DIY tutorial is an excellent way to personalize your gift-giving experience. It’s a fun and easy project that can help you save money while creating something unique and special for your loved ones. By following a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful and personalized gift card box that will leave a lasting impression on your recipient. So why not try it out and see the joy it brings to your loved ones?

Make them more of a surprise by presenting them in these lovely little gift card holder boxes. When you pull out the drawer, the gift card pops up, there is also space to write a message, and even space under the shelf to put a small surprise sweets maybe for younger children, a pretty sparkly bracelet for a teenage girl. Start by printing out or copying the instructions below, then transferring to your chosen sheets of patterned Christmas papers. To create a sturdy drawer compartment for the gift card holder use cardstock, like kraft card. Top Tip I always write my message before attaching to the shelf, as it makes writing easier on a solid surface. Then you can just hold down the springy card holder when you slide it into the decorated sleeve. Apply double-sided tape as shown along both long sides of the acetate piece. With the fold at the bottom, adhere the acetate to the bottom back-side of the gift card pocket. Now attach the other side to one end of the shelf. Cover the acetate with the sentiment panel. Join the Hobbycraft Club today to receive exclusive offers, news of our latest products and endless craft inspiration! Hobbycraft is a registered trademark of Hobbycraft Trading Ltd. We are a credit broker and not a lender. Im empty! Home Decor. Pinterest Twitter Facebook Copy link. Select me for your basket. Add items to your basket. Step 1 Start by printing out or copying the instructions below, then transferring to your chosen sheets of patterned Christmas papers. Step 2 Once all of the panels have been cut and scored, apply double-sided tape to the indicated areas. Step 3 Apply double-sided tape as shown along both long sides of the acetate piece. How to Make Colourful Wrapping Paper. Hobbycraft Club Join the Hobbycraft Club today to receive exclusive offers, news of our latest products and endless craft inspiration!
By Author Kati. If you are giving gift cards this Christmas, you are going to love these gift card box templates. Make a gift card holder that looks like the perfect present. No need to worry about the gift card envelope getting lost in the craziness of Christmas morning. And they are super easy to make with the cut files and templates! This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. As I was finishing up the last minute gift wrapping at least for all the gifts that are done, still DIYing a couple things , I decided I wanted a better way to wrap up the gift cards we are giving. Gift cards are a great gift, but those tiny envelopes just look so sad under tree. I wanted a cute little gift card box that would make those gift cards look as special as they are! The first one I made is a pretty standard gift card box, but of course I jazzed it up with some sparkly scrapbook paper. And this box is so easy to put together!!! But I also had an idea for another style of gift card box. One that would fall open and reveal the pop-up gift card inside. The top of the box was giving me oh, so many issues. I used up about 12 sheets of paper cutting, redesigning, and cutting again. It was late last night and I almost gave up. They say 3rd times a charm, but this one took me 6 tries. It was worth it because the gift card box opens like a flower to reveal the prize inside. And it too is easy to make now that I have it figured out. You can leave the box as is, add a cute little tag or bow. So finish up that last minute wrapping with these amazing gift card box templates. And if you are doing last minute baking gifts, check out this easy cookie gift box DIY too! Cut the template out of the cardstock. You will need 1 of the gift card holder centers and 2 of the box side pieces per box. Fold along all the dotted lines. Pinch the triangle sections between the sides together in your fingers while folding up the sides. Glue the two side pieces together at the tabs to create one large circle. Secure the bottom with glue. Fold the pop-up gift card holder together and secure with a small line of glue just around the outside. Glue into the bottom of the hexagon box. To close the box, latch together opposite sides. You will have 3 latches total to close the entire box. You will need 1 of the outer gift card box and one of the center gift card holder piece per box. Fold the gift card holder inner piece as shown. Pinch the sections between your fingers to get a clean line. Glue the bottom of the inner piece into the front bottom of the box. Then glue the top of the inner piece into the front top of the box. Now you are ready to load up your new gift card boxes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Now I am using all my crafty goodness to create beautiful home decor. Share the fun! Free Digital Backgrounds for January. Click here to cancel reply. Search for.


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