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What is the Ten Minute Sew-In?

– The Ten Minute Sew-In is a revolutionary hair extension technique that takes only ten minutes to install.

How can I get % off my Ten Minute Sew-In?

– You can get 10% off your Ten Minute Sew-In by using the discount code provided in the blog post.

Is the Ten Minute Sew-In suitable for all hair types?

– Yes, the Ten Minute Sew-In is suitable for all hair types, including natural hair, relaxed hair, and transitioning hair.

Can I wash and style my hair with the Ten Minute Sew-In installed?

– Yes, you can wash and style your hair with the Ten Minute Sew-In installed, just like you would with your natural hair.

How long does the Ten Minute Sew-In last?

– The Ten Minute Sew-In can last up to 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance and care.

After using the discount code for Ten Minute Sew-In, users have reported significant savings and a seamless hair extension experience. The process is quick and easy, and the quality of the extensions is impressive. Users have also praised the customer service, which is knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, using the discount code for Ten Minute Sew-In is a win-win situation for anyone looking for a hassle-free hair extension experience with great value for money.

This hair can have high heat applied and more. We offer 3 levels of virgin human hair. It can be colored and bleached and will last years. This hair comes from women who have never colored their hair. Therefore it can take coloring and bleaching well and still allows the hair to last a long time. The wefts are triple reinforced, therefore shedding will be very minimal. The hair comes from younger donors therefore there will be no grey hairs or only a couple of strands or grey. The cuticles are aligned, which allows no matting or tangling. It will last 1. The wefts are double reinforced therefore you will experience minimal shedding. You may see more grey hairs than the 10AAA. The cuticles are aligned, therefore there will be no matting or tangling. It will last 9 months. The wefts are not reinforced. Though this hair will color if attempted, we do not recommend coloring or bleaching this hair as this can decrease the lifespan of it. The cuticles are aligned, you will experience no matting or tangling. The curlier or kinkier the hair, the more daily maintenance needed. Daily maintenance includes, wetting the hair and combing through it daily, being sure to comb through the roots. Yes, if you have ever installed a upart wig or did a sewin using traditional bundle hair then this will be a breeze for you. During this time we recommend you wash your unit in cool water using high quality and conditioners with protein as a major ingredient. If you notice any issues with your hair during this time you may request a quality inspection. If we inspect the product and deem that it is defective, we will provide a new unit to you at no cost to you. We reserve the right to inspect the product ourselves. We reserve all rights to decide whether the product s are eligible for exchange. Again, only defective units are eligible for exchange. We also reserve the right to reject an exchange request previously approved upon receipt. Products sent back without approval are not eligible for exchange. If we determine your product is defective, we will send you new unit of the exact same style, texture etc. You can not choose a new texture or style. Please watch the videos on the how to install section to make sure the product you select is a good match for you. If the wait time extends after you have placed your order and it is now 90 days or longer, you will be offered a full refund. Orders can not be changed. Make sure to order the exact product you desire before placing your order. Time to get excited about our new collection for Men! Meet our lovely team! Can it really be installed in just 10 Minutes? The durable sewing tabs make it easy to sewin within just 10 Minutes or less. Can I really install it myself? Cancellations All sales are final. Orders can not be canceled for any reason. Cancellations due to extended wait times If the wait time extends after you have placed your order and it is now 90 days or longer, you will be offered a full refund. Order changes Orders can not be changed. Shop Now. Kayla For 3c-4a textures. Jada Kinky Straight. Candice For 3b textures. Amber For 4b-4c textures.
For hundred of years people have tried to mimic the real human scalp using materials such as silicone, silk and now lace. No more trying to hide the obvious little lace holes that everyone notices in your real life where there are no social media filters. No more trying to blend large leave-outs. No more Glue. This wig is perfect for women who prefer their extensions look natural and authentic up close in real life. Now you can wear your own real part with no leave-out or with just thin strands of your hair out. Now you can have a sew-in within 10 minutes or less. The sewing tabs around the unit make it a breeze to sew-in yourself or have your stylist sew-in for you. Lace closure are great for those who have mastered concealing the lace. Perfect for full sew-ins and those who prefer lace. This is the easiest closure you will ever sew-in. Not only is it guaranteed to lay flat against your hairline, it also will last longer than a typical closure. Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout. Swipe left to see more. Introducing our latest Innovation Thin-Part Wig For hundred of years people have tried to mimic the real human scalp using materials such as silicone, silk and now lace. View our intro commercial below to learn more. Play video. The Thin-Part Wig is perfect for women who Slide 1 Jada Thin-Part Wig. Slide 2 Candice Thin-Part Wig. Slide 3 Kayla- Thin-Part Wig. Slide 4 Kellie Thin-Part Wig. Shop Now. Lace Closures. Breathable Lace Wigs. Close Cart Shopping Cart. Your cart is currently empty. Enable cookies to use the shopping cart. Order summary e Order Details t e. Discount -.


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