Get Creative with These Fun Gift Card Holder Games!

As gift-giving season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to make those gift cards extra special. Instead of just handing them over in a plain envelope, why not try some fun gift card holder games? These creative ideas are sure to add an element of excitement and surprise to your gifts, making them even more memorable for the lucky recipient. So, get ready to have some fun and make your gift-giving experience truly one-of-a-kind!

What are some fun gift card holder games?

– Some fun gift card holder games include the Gift Card Puzzle, the Gift Card Scavenger Hunt, and the Gift Card Guessing Game.

How does the Gift Card Puzzle work?

– The Gift Card Puzzle is a game where you take a gift card and break it into pieces.

What is the Gift Card Scavenger Hunt?

– The Gift Card Scavenger Hunt is a game where you hide a gift card somewhere and give the recipient clues to find it.

How do you play the Gift Card Guessing Game?

– The Gift Card Guessing Game is a game where you give the recipient a series of clues that lead them to guess what type of gift card they’re receiving.

What are some other ways to make gift card giving more fun?

– Other ways to make gift card giving more fun include creating personalized gift card holders, attaching the gift card to a small gift or treat, or making a game out of the gift card itself.

After trying out these fun gift card holder games, users have reported feeling more involved in the gift giving process and enjoying the added element of surprise. They have also found that these games add a personal touch to the gift, making it more memorable and special for the recipient. Overall, incorporating these games into gift giving has proven to be a unique and enjoyable experience for both the giver and receiver.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure policy for more information. While many adults love to receive money gifts for a special occasion , simply handing over cash in a card can feel impersonal and like an afterthought. Money puzzle boxes provide a thoughtful method for gifting cash to the person you love. In some cases, they also serve as a prank for those who love tricks and jokes. These boxes not only provide a game or brainteaser for the recipient but serve as an interesting and fun conversation piece among party guests and onlookers. Depending on the age and interests of your recipient, there are many different money puzzle boxes for you to choose from. The type of puzzle that can be solved ranges from ball mazes to letter or word combinations to brainteasers. For recipients who will want to get to their money quickly, you can choose a simple word puzzle with clues. Boxes that are more challenging with multiple steps in order to open them are perfect for problem solving aficionados. In addition, the boxes can be made from a variety of materials depending on the interests of the receiver. Many of the money puzzle boxes are made from wood, which gives your gift a luxurious and expensive feel for any adult on your list. Others are made from plastic with attractive features, such as a handheld game, that are exciting and intriguing for recipients who are young at heart. Regardless of the occasion, a puzzle money box will add fun and flair to your gift of cash, gift cards, or tickets. Looking for more creative ways to give cash, money, and Amazon gift cards to adults, teens, and kids? An alternative to these money maze puzzle gift boxes is stuffing these cool and unique piggy banks with cash and coins. We also have a specific list of piggy banks including. Without further ado, here are the 11 best money puzzle boxes to interest and delight your recipient and enhance your monetary gift. Available in several different colors here , the lucky giftee simply has to maneuver the ball through the maze into a specific spot. Once they complete the maze they will be able to release the top to the circular opening in the center that is hiding their cash. As a bonus, the puzzle box can be used over and over again as a fun toy, or to save or hide money. The Enigma Heart money puzzle box is ideal for concealing a gift for a romantic partner or someone close to your heart. Large enough to fit cash, a gift card, or even jewelry, the wooden box looks beautiful and inviting while presenting a challenging puzzle in order to access the contents inside. Another smaller puzzle money box option is this plastic ball maze that is specifically designed for gift cards. Offering a fun and very mildly challenging task, the recipient will appreciate the extra excitement offered by completing the maze to get to their gift without the added challenge presented by many of the other puzzle boxes. For the critical thinker on your list, this wooden money puzzle box will delight them as much as the cash within. Appearing at first to have no real opening, this box requires removing or opening several smaller components in order for the recipient to access the contents inside. Resembling a treasure chest or weathered box holding mysterious contents inside, this box will entice the giftee to attempt to open it immediately. If you want to introduce a surprise challenge to your recipient, this wooden money puzzle box appears to be a typical gift box at first glance. As soon as the receiver attempts to use the wooden circle in the center of the lid to remove it, however, they will quickly realize that they will have to work a little harder to get to the cash or gift card inside. This box is perfect for a prank-loving giftee for any occasion. If you are looking for a puzzle money box that is small enough to be concealed within a card, this plastic ball maze box is the perfect solution. In addition to providing an extra challenge to accessing their cash gift, the recipient will be able to use the maze box over and over again for fun or tricking others. The box perfectly fits bills laid flat, but can also be used for gift cards and certificates as well. For a different type of challenge, this puzzle money box offers a 3 letter code that needs to be determined and inputted in order to open it. Eager recipients will use personalized clues that you provide to guess at how to spin the dials in an attempt to crack the code. The flat cryptex puzzle box has enough room for several bills or 3 gift cards and can fit into an envelope with your card for an added surprise. A more complicated cryptex is offered in this tall plastic money puzzle box that also doubles as a coin bank. Featuring a 5 letter code that you can set yourself, the giftee will follow your clues in order to determine the secret code that will allow them to get to the goods inside.


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