Get Ready for the Urbanathlon with Exclusive Discount Code!

As the Urbanathlon season approaches, it’s time to gear up and get ready for the ultimate physical challenge. With obstacles ranging from monkey bars to tire walls, it takes a special kind of athlete to conquer this urban race. But with the right preparation and training, anyone can cross the finish line. And now, with an exclusive discount code, you can save on all the gear and equipment you need to crush the competition. So get ready to take on the Urbanathlon and push yourself to new limits!

What is the Urbanathlon?

The Urbanathlon is an endurance race that combines running, obstacles, and strength challenges.

How can I prepare for the Urbanathlon?

To prepare for the Urbanathlon, you should train for running, strength training, and obstacle course challenges.

What is the exclusive discount code for the Urbanathlon?

The exclusive discount code for the Urbanathlon is a special offer that gives participants a discount on registration fees.

How do I use the exclusive discount code for the Urbanathlon?

To use the exclusive discount code for the Urbanathlon, simply enter the code during the registration process.

What are the benefits of using the exclusive discount code for the Urbanathlon?

Using the exclusive discount code for the Urbanathlon can save participants money on registration fees, making the event more affordable and accessible.

Participating in the Urbanathlon with an exclusive discount code can be an incredible experience for fitness enthusiasts. This event offers the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally, while also enjoying the excitement of a competitive race. With the right training and preparation, you can enjoy the benefits of improved endurance, strength, and overall health. So don’t miss out on this chance to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals!

How much does it cost to register? Can I register for more than one city? Can I register for the Sprint in one city and the Classic in another city? What if I cannot participate once I have registered? Can I transfer my registration to another person? How do promotional codes work? I have a promotional code but forgot to enter it when I registered. Can I still use it? What is the upgrade package? I am injured and cannot run. Can I get a refund? Is the Chicago race still available? Can I run both the Classic and Sprint Distance in one-city? Is there an age requirement for participants? Is there an age requirement for volunteers? Will there be a bag check? Can women participate? What if the event is cancelled? Where is packet pickup? Can a friend pick up my packet for me? What is included in my packet? Can I purchase merchandise when I register? Will merchandise be sold on race day? I have not received my merchandise yet. Who do I contact? How long is each course, and how many obstacles are in each course? How are the distances calculated and do they include any obstacles? Can I skip an obstacle? Are there bathrooms on course? Are there water stops on course? How will the course be marked? How are the obstacles incorporated into the race? How does the wave start work? How does the Elite Wave work? How far apart are the waves? When should I line up with my wave? Will there be food at the Finish? Will there be beer? Is there an Awards Ceremony? What time does the Finish Festival end? What else can I expect at the Finish Festival? Register early for our best available rates. No exceptions will be made. If you are unable to participate, your free racer t-shirt will be available for pickup at anytime during scheduled packet pickup locations and hours, as well as on race day. Shipping is not available for your free racer t-shirt. Registration transfers between participants are not allowed. Promotional codes cannot be combined with any other discounts of any kind. Only one promotional code per person per registration is allowed. Anyone unable to produce a valid for of ID for the applicable promotional code may be disqualified or required to pay Rodale Inc. Promotional codes are available for use at the end of Early Bird Registration April 30th, All promotional codes must be entered at time of registration. Promotional codes not entered at time of registration will not be valid or redeemable, including for credit, adjustment, refund or otherwise. The upgrade package includes a Lululemon Long-Sleeve technical shirt and an upgrade to Wave 2. It is impossible for us to assess each injury on a case-by-case basis and therefore, we do not offer refunds when participants are injured and cannot participate. While we will greatly miss being with you in Chicago, we would love to see you at one of these events. We will be offering a registration discount in New York and San Francisco, available exclusively for past Chicago participants. Yes, if you want to run both the Classic and Sprint Distance race in one city, you can. Please note that all racers must start with their designated wave. Once the race start closes, participants will not be allowed to start. To do so, you will need to go through the registration process separately for each. All participants must be 18 years of age or older to participate. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Please visit the Volunteer page to learn about our opportunities and to sign up to volunteer. All information regarding Gear Drop will be enclosed in racer packets. Please note that bags are not provided. Participants are required to bring a bag if they wish to leave a bag at bag drop. Yes, women are welcome to participate in any of the race distances. Chips are disposable. Only force majeure will cancel the event. In the event of force majeure, there will be no refunds or credits applied to future events. Packet pickup times and locations can be found on race city specific pages. Additionally, if you used a promotional code, the picking-up party MUST also have a copy of the appropriate promotional code ID ex. Student or Military ID. Each participant will receive a race bib with an attached chip and a participant shirt. Finisher medals will be handed out at the Finish Line. You can purchase merchandise during registration and through our SHOP prior to the event. Please note that we do NOT ship internationally. All merchandise will be shipped between 5 and 7 business days after the order is received. Please note all merchandise will be shipped starting June 1, Yes, you have the option to add merchandise to your transaction. Yes, merchandise will be sold at Packet Pickup and on race day. We accept credit card and cash. Click here to learn more about our obstacles. Distances are calculated based on the running route for both the Sprint and Classic races. An additional 0. All obstacles must be completed in order to continue the race.


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