Lace Up for Less Get the Inside Scoop on Luray Triathlon Discount Code

If you’re an avid triathlete, you know how quickly costs can add up. But what if we told you there’s a way to lace up for less? The Luray Triathlon Discount Code provides a great opportunity to participate in this legendary event without breaking the bank. Our user experience shows that finding and applying the code is easy, and the savings are significant. So why not take advantage of this exclusive offer and get ready to hit the starting line?

What is the Luray Triathlon Discount Code?

The Luray Triathlon Discount Code is a promotional code that offers a reduced registration fee for the Luray Triathlon event.

How much discount can I get using the code?

The discount amount varies from year to year, but it typically ranges from 10% to 20% off the regular registration fee.

Where can I find the Luray Triathlon Discount Code?

The discount code is usually available on the event’s official website or social media pages.

When should I use the discount code?

It’s best to use the discount code as soon as possible to secure your spot in the event and take advantage of the reduced registration fee.

Are there any restrictions or limitations to using the discount code?

Some discount codes may have certain restrictions or limitations, such as being valid only for a specific time period or for certain categories of participants.

2. The discount code provides a great opportunity for those who want to test their limits and participate in the Luray Triathlon without breaking the bank.

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I typed it! Please please take the time to read this. Print it out, take notes it is not complicated though I know there is a ton of info in here. If you lose this email please start to remember where you can find this information. I know you will reference it several times this season. There is absolutely NO way you can expect to participate at all of these races Our goal is to provide as many opportunities for people to choose from as possible. I encourage you to consider your options now! Make your plan and stick to it! If you go to the race calendar and click on the event name it is hyperlinked to the registration pages where you can find more information about the event. Here is a link let me know if they are broken, not all yet available . Reminder what will I do what will the team do if I do not go to a particular race weekend event? In most cases we will have local workout options. Again there is NO way we expect you to be able to participate in all of these races! Reminder about Relays As we approach the second half of the race season you will begin to see starting next week likely notes from Coach Alexis over the yahoo groups organizing relays. Our team puts together a TON of relays every year, for any race that allows them. The relays are great for many reasons. Lastly and importantly many of our event weekends are very cheap and take place over two days. Some people will do both races on both days but other people may find those people crazy. Doing a relay for fun on one day and racing the other is probably the biggest reason our relays are put together. Are you an ex swimmer? Maybe do the Oly on Saturday by yourself and volunteer to do the swim for a new Zr on Sunday at the sprint. You get the point. When we send an email asking about relays just respond if interested. In planning for the year Consider which events you would like to do a relay at when thinking about your race plan for the summer. You can do none or all of them! Up to you! You have Luray and Nations Tri races that you can race too those are both on recovery weeks so you do not miss any training. Savageman weekend you have a 3hr ride 1. So, racing at Savageman would be an excellent substitute. South Riding Pool Sprint is not a good idea for you. You have an 80 mile ride that day. Recovery Weeks through Summer This is useful information in planning work travel, vacation, special weeks for the significant other who sacrifices so much for you and your participation in the sport. Set these aside to do good things with them! Keep in mind these are planned weekends and the actual day may not be representative. We have planned out the entire year and this is a plan. Below I will call out the long ride number for the Iron crew as you see this volume increase just know that if you were a half person you are increasing too, same with Oly. So these are key training weekends for everyone not just Iron people. For Iron crew -the mileage may vary slightly depending on the program you are following. Please email coached triteamz. Saturday Aug 9- Luray Practice Swim There is a practice swim in the Lake where the race is being held the next weekend. The practice swim is on Saturday. Please enter just the swim clinic.


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