Navigating the Plastic Jungle A Review of Gift Cards

Navigating the world of gift cards can be a daunting task, with so many options and fine print to consider. As a user, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each type of gift card, from store-specific to prepaid options. In this review, we’ll explore the user experience of using gift cards and provide insights on how to navigate the plastic jungle.

What are gift cards?

Gift cards are prepaid cards that allow the holder to purchase goods and services up to the value of the card.

How do gift cards work?

Gift cards work by holding a balance on the card that can be spent at a specific retailer or group of retailers.

What are the benefits of gift cards?

Gift cards can be a convenient and flexible way to give a gift or to make purchases, as they can be used both in-store and online.

What are the drawbacks of gift cards?

Gift cards can sometimes come with fees or expiration dates, and there is a risk of losing the card or forgetting about its value.

How can you maximize the value of gift cards?

To maximize the value of gift cards, it’s important to keep track of their balances and expiration dates, and to use them for purchases that you would have made anyway.

After reviewing different gift cards and the experiences of users, it is clear that gift cards are a convenient and versatile gift option. They allow the recipient to choose their own gift, making it more personalized and reducing the risk of giving an unwanted gift. Additionally, gift cards can be a great way to save money and earn rewards. Overall, navigating the plastic jungle of gift cards can be a rewarding experience for both the giver and the recipient.

You have a few options for instance, you can choose to list them with a site like Plastic Jungle in the hopes of being able to sell your card to someone else or trade them for another card you prefer. Once your card is listed, the site will notify you when you have an interested buyer. When you buy or sell a card, the shipping is always free. If you decide to visit PlasticJungle. I also saw cards offered for sale from iTunes, Starbucks, and various restaurants. Categories include clothing, electronics, and jewelry, among others. You can search for cards by merchant, card value, or card discount. If you want to browse through a broad variety of cards, you might also want to check other marketplaces like eBay. This list is also a great tool that allows you to receive alerts when a specific price range or discount on your desired gift card is fulfilled. Sellers no longer pay a shipping fee. You can then print out the label and use this to send off your card. Plastic Jungle will pay you by check once the package is confirmed as delivered. If you happen to have a problem, you can contact customer service via the phone or email. Users who need more help can check out the Learning Center to find out more about buying, selling, managing their account, and getting paid. And I do like the option for buying gift cards at a discount. Thanks for telling us about Plastic Jungle! Great idea! I remember reading somewhere that literally millions of dollars of gift cards were never used! Great deal for the issuer, not so great for the person receiving the card. The gift card rescue site is a great way to sell those unused cards. Just used the site. I was a little skeptical since I had not seen really any reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. Astrid, Thanks for supplying us some feedback on your experience. Would love to hear general experiences though to see how it pans out for others. What kind of company handles orders like this? Well, what plasticjungle had failed to tell me is that the codes would not be e-mailed to me for another 48 hours. Why does it take this long to process an order that should be completely automated? I am just sick after this whole ordeal, and am disappointed in this company and myself for trusting their ability to do good business , in so many ways. I was very disappointed with Plastic Jungle. I ordered a gift card for my mother for her birthday. They are willing to take the card back but I found this to be very misleading. Now I am going to have to purchase another gift card from the store. I am ready to take this company to court. When you call customer service it just goes to voicemail and they tell you to go online and fill out a form. This I believe is fraud! I had used Plastic Jungle to sell a gas station gift card that I was not able to use in my area. They provided free shipping both ways. I requested payment via paypal and had my money within a couple days. I have tried another gift card site since then and this one is way better than the other one I tried. A lot of disputes happen because of bad communication or when customers expect too much. In general, I think card exchange sites are a great idea. For more on Plastic Jungle, you can check out this link. Sign up to start buying or selling gift cards at Plastic Jungle. Tip A good number of credit cards give away gift cards as rewards. Check out the AmEx gold card as an example. You can also check out these Citibank card promotions for more of these types of rewards cards. Great website of gift cards! Now I will know where to look for them. All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy.
Plastic Jungle, a marketplace for gift cards, is hoping to shakeup the gift card market by allowing gift card owners to use certificates for a given store at another online retail establishment. Plastic Jungle lets you buy, sell and exchange gift cards online. Instead of receiving cash for your gift card, Plastic Jungle also lets you trade the value in for an Amazon gift card or give your money to charity. You enter the gift card like you would a credit card based on the unique serial number and pin code that every major gift card has. Plastic Jungle is working with both gift card processors and retailers in order to make the process be electronic and, therefore, instantaneous. And the startup will be implementing this check-out system with a major retailer that will go live with mid-summer Plastic Jungle declined to name the retailer. And this will only be used and implemented in online transactions. It seems like a stretch to assume that retailers would be onboard with this. Gap or Target may enjoy when nobody uses the cards though because then they get to keep the cash without handing over any goods. Helping Plastic Jungle make a more liquid market out of gift cards might not be in their best interest.


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