Pedal to Savings Unlock Your British Cycling Membership Discount Code Today!

Welcome to Pedal to Savings, the ultimate platform for cycling enthusiasts! We are here to help you make the most of your British Cycling membership by unlocking exclusive discounts and offers. With our easy-to-use discount code, you can save big on a wide range of cycling gear and accessories. So what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road and start pedaling towards savings!

What is British Cycling?

British Cycling is the national governing body for cycling in Great Britain.

How can I become a member of British Cycling?

To become a member of British Cycling, you can sign up online through its website.

What is the discount code for British Cycling members?

British Cycling members can unlock a discount code that gives them access to exclusive deals and discounts on cycling gear and accessories from various partner brands.

How much can I save with the British Cycling membership discount code?

The amount you can save with the British Cycling membership discount code varies depending on the partner brand and the specific product you are purchasing.

What are some of the partner brands that offer discounts to British Cycling members?

Some of the partner brands that offer discounts to British Cycling members include Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles, Evans Cycles, and Halfords.

Can I use the British Cycling membership discount code in physical stores?

Some partner brands may offer discounts in physical stores, but most of the discounts are available online.

By becoming a British Cycling member, you can enjoy a variety of benefits and discounts that help you save money while pursuing your passion for cycling. The membership discount code offers a significant reduction in prices for various cycling equipment and accessories, making it easier to purchase everything you need without breaking the bank. Additionally, being a member provides access to exclusive events, training programs, and cycling routes, allowing you to take your cycling journey to the next level. So, if you’re looking to save money and enhance your cycling experience, be sure to unlock your British Cycling membership discount code today!

Received my race card, but still no sign of the lights. Yeah , my back light has failed after 3 weeks. Email only. You ask for support, after 48 hours they reply asking what you have already quoted. You reply, then wait and wait. After a few days another stupid question as if you might have forgotten the original problem, you reply and wait and wait and wait, that was 5 days ago and I am still waiting for a reply to the 3rd email and have a useless rear light. I supplied my phone number but that is obviously an outdated way of contacting a customer. British Cycling is a pointless organisation. Deaths caused by cycling are rare ie single digit figures over multiple years, when they do happen the world explodes as you mention Allison , but deaths by car are common and frequently and thrown under the rug and ignored by the media. We have become almost complacent to the fact cars people take so many lives its all basically now normal. Nothing I stated is inaccurate, feel free to state any point I made and I will happily pass a tonne of evidence to back up my point. The consequences of breaking the law in a car are an order of magnitude worse than someone on a bike, in terms of damage to property and other human life. I tend to just ride it! I already hold proficiency in the way of a driving license. We need to move away from cars! This is full of inaccuracies – there are good drivers and poor drivers, great cyclists and awful ones The reason some car drivers get angry at cyclists is law of the jungle – the expectation is that a car is more powerful than a bike, and annoyance that cars both fuel and the vehicle itself are taxed heavily and are therefore more deserving than bikes. The obverse is also true, some cyclists get angry at pretty much everything Some drivers break the law and some dont, some cyclists break the law and some dont, Id say the most obvious one being red light jumping. This is all true because cyclists and drivers are all members of the human race, no one has a monopoly on virtue y. Personally I think cyclists should be limited to cycling in no more than groups of 4, most problems solved involving inconsiderate idiots cycling as if no one else exists and stopping everyone from overtaking. Im a cyclist myself before anyone accuses me of bias y. They have a chat line ask them, even then it seems to be variable at branches what they do. Am I missing something? Errr just riding your bike to work qualifies as long as you might have been thinking about one day doing an event. So it covers pretty much most eventualities. Its still cheaper than BC with better cover. Plus the solicitors with bc Ive used have been shocking. A collision in early with fault admitted immediately- still waiting for a resolution. Not actually used BTF cover but to be fair it cant be worse. It just cant. Just to clarify, the personal accident cover with British Triathlon is Trouble is if I start a new account Ill lose my breeze bike leader, assistant comm, welfare officer and velodrome accreditation. Damn you BC!!!! Yeah been trying to do it on mine as mine is up for renewal but cant seem to add it. Must only be for new customers. Or not, as shown in the comments Fan membership is free. Used the code, paid, today I get emailed that this is a referral code and in order to be used they ask me for the members membership ID to confirm the referral. Sense light – if I use both then the benefits i use are worth more than I paid and Ive got liability insurance in case I cause an accident and legal cover in case someone hits me. Now if I only had medical cover – the only cycling accident Ive had was when my back wheel went from under me a few weeks ago and I lost three teeth! Hi, I signed up using this code and whilst it initially worked, they have now emailed asking for the membership ID of the person who referred me. So just a warning to anyone thinking of using it. Does anyone have a membership number theyd be happy to share with me, so that they get the referral? If you cycle then yes. Ride membership if you take part in sportives, etc. All Voucher Codes 0 Deals 0. Added by thelondontrader. British Cycling reserves the right to end offers early. Offer not available in conjunction with any other membership offer o Read more. Added by CarlP British Cycling reser Read more. Half price British Cycling Membership for new members of affiliated clubs. Added by gta Added by deleted Added by MJ Added by nathb. Best British Cycling deals from our community. Posted 13th Sep Posted 13th Sep Free See. Join , British Cycling members and we will say thanks with a feature-packed See. FreeDeal Yeah. Got my lights. FreeDeal Just membership benmack Is that a confirmation that the lights will be delivered or just confirmation of membership? Posted 8th Sep Posted 8th Sep Sense smart light set when you sign up to British Cycling e. Just saw this new member offer on Facebook – See. Biker25 British Cycling is a pointless organisation.


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