Rev Your Engines Your Chance to Win a Getaway Mustang Giveaway!

Are you a car enthusiast? Do you want to get your hands on a brand new Mustang? Well, now’s your chance! The Rev Your Engines Getaway Mustang Giveaway is here and it’s time to rev up your engines for a chance to win this amazing prize. With this giveaway, you not only get to experience the thrill of driving a Mustang but also a chance to escape for a relaxing and luxurious getaway. So, gear up and enter the competition to win your dream car and a memorable vacation.

What is the Getaway Mustang Giveaway?

The Getaway Mustang Giveaway is a promotional contest that gives participants the opportunity to win a brand new Ford Mustang and a luxurious getaway package.

How can I enter the contest?

To enter the Getaway Mustang Giveaway, you can simply visit the official contest website and follow the instructions to submit your entry.

What is included in the getaway package?

The getaway package includes a two-night stay at a luxury hotel or resort, transportation to and from the airport, and a selection of exciting activities such as a scenic drive, a spa treatment, or a gourmet dining experience.

Who is eligible to participate in the contest?

The eligibility requirements may vary depending on the specific rules of the contest, but generally, participants must be legal residents of a certain country or region, be of a certain age, and have a valid driver’s license.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner of the Getaway Mustang Giveaway will typically be announced shortly after the contest’s end date, which is usually specified in the official rules.

After reading this exciting blog post about the Getaway Mustang Giveaway, users can experience the thrill of driving away in their very own Mustang. The benefits of participating in this giveaway are numerous, including the chance to win a high-performance and stylish car that promises to turn heads on the road. Not only that, but the opportunity to explore new destinations and hit the open road in a Mustang is an unforgettable experience that any car enthusiast would relish. So don’t miss out on this incredible chance to rev your engines and win big!

This is our biggest giveaway EVER! This giveaway gives you the chance to win a fantastic daily drive and a magnificent weekend getaway vehicle. A Stage 3 Roush, packing a 5. This beast of a car is a fast and comfortable ride and the perfect way to make your daily drive infinitely better. Manual 5 Speed Tremec T Transmission, 9 inch Diff and 4 link rear suspension with adjustable coil-overs. Modified with a high-quality Eleanor Mustang body kit, this car is a true classic and the perfect weekend getaway vehicle. Give us a call We have been fortunate enough to partner and donate money to some awesome Aussie charities and we continue to support these charities through donations. Entries close the 9th of December and the draw date is 19th December. All of our giveaways are drawn live on Facebook and Instagram as well as being open to the public. Make sure you tune in live on the day to watch the draw on social media or come down to our warehouse to attend in person. All of our packages are a one-time payment only. Each package comes with a membership that gives you access to our exclusive discounts. Each package will include a certain amount of free entries for you to win our trade promotional giveaway. This is a promotional giveaway, not a raffle. A guaranteed percentage from all membership sales goes to supporting veteran organisations. We will call you immediately if your name is drawn and we will also text and email you directly, basically until we get a hold of you. We also have the draw live on our Instagram page and on our facebook page. We also have all the behind the scenes and some of our past live draws and handovers on our Social channels here YouTube , Instagram , Facebook. You can only win one prize. We only allow one prize per person so that everyone can have a better chance of winning. If we draw your name out for multiple prizes, you will get to pick which prize you want out of the ones chosen and then the other prize is redrawn. As we are conducting a trade promotional giveaway, we are not required to set a limit on the entrants, however we do cap the number of entrants to give everyone a better chance of winning. Our giveaways usually end before the draw date ends so we suggest not to leave it until the last few days. We always sell out of entrants. We will contact you immediately to let you know via phone, email and text. You will see a thankyou page with your entry numbers on them as soon as you buy a package. You will also receive an email confirmation with a detailed order of whatever size package you purchased that will be how many times your name is added into the barrel as well as your entry numbers. You can also login to your account and see your entry numbers and purchase another package to receive more entries if you like. They will all appear in your wallet once you login. This giveaway is hosted in Australia but yes you can enter if you are in another country. The prize can be shipped to you and we can work out shipping arrangements with you. This can take some time due to COVID19 and we will work with you to make this arrangements based on the various countries involved. We are a registered business and provide all our public government and business registration details on our website. We also provide all our Giveaway licences and permits that hold us liable and ensure we do indeed give the vehicle to an entrant of the giveaway. Stay up to date and see all the latest cars we are launching as well as where we announce the winners to these stunning classic cars. Exact pixel mapping can be viewed through the magnifier. Other lower resolution views are for reference only, and the exact coordinates you choose will be recorded in your basket and in your order. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! We will keep you updated with all the latest raffles and prizes! Heres the link to the latest classic car raffle! The funds raised will be used to support those suffering financially and providing support packs for people affected by COVID Skip to content. Giveaway Closed. Active Draw Countdown Timer. Draw Closes 9th December Winner Drawn 19 December Prefer to buy over the phone? How it works. Our Winners. Our Winners Entry Number Entry Number See Our Winners. Runner Up Prizes. The Draw. Our Promotional Giveaways 11 Days Left. No products found. Is this a one time payment? And are there more giveaways to come? Yes packages are a one-time payment, so no hidden costs and no subscription. And yes we will have more giveaways to come, always classics cars and custom bikes. Category Membership. Do I need to be at the draw location? Or how can I watch the draw? Can I win multiple prizes if my name is drawn out multiple times? No unfortunately it is not. Load More. Please Note Exact pixel mapping can be viewed through the magnifier. Thank you. See The Latest Prize.
WIFR — Allegiants getaway car will be driving through the Rockford area Sunday afternoon for a chance to win flights for life.


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