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Nox360 offers a range of supplements and apparel that can help you build muscle, increase endurance, and improve your overall fitness and wellness.

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Nox360 is committed to providing high-quality products that are backed by scientific research and are safe and effective.

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The Tracer2 has one goal keep you safe while you move. By pairing powerful multi-color LED fiber optics with ultra-reflective 3M patterns and fluorescence, the Tracer2 maximizes your visibility through changing light and weather conditions, and in the glare of headlights. Be choosey, or not. Match your colors to your mood, or coordinate your whole crew. Fear neither rain nor storm. With an IP67 Rating, Tracer2 sports total protection from rain, splashes, and even accidental submersion. Engineered to fit better than ever, Tracer2 features an adjustable chest strap and new Fit Clip system to keep fiber optics bounce-free for a weightless, natural feel. Our most requested feature. Cable included. Maximum visibility means grabbing attention. With the flashing settings on Tracer2, we built in light patterns that are scientifically-proven to stand out and make you extremely visible on the roadways. Or use both your favs with the new dual blend color mode. No need to worry about the fit over coats and jackets. The Tracer2 is rechargeable and IP67 waterproof. The illumination is both brighter and more consistent than the Tracer enabled by doubling the LEDs to 4 and increasing the size of the fiber optic. The illumination can now produce dual-color modes which expands on its ability to make you visible based on visual science. The secure fit adjustable sports strap is made with a custom reflective design that significantly increases reflective area. Finally the Tracer2 is designed to fit more comfortably and includes easy to clean antimicrobial surfaces that contact the body. The charge of the Tracer2 is indicated by 4 charge LEDs located near the charge port and above the button. No, they are all included. Simply press the button to turn it on and then press again to cycle through 8 static modes and 8 flashing modes. Hold the button to turn it off. If you are running with others, you might prefer to use one of the eight static color modes. However the flashing illumination modes are the most visible. The included USB-C cable is located inside the enclosed compartment at the bottom of the Tracer2 box, just underneath the vest itself. Final Holiday Sale. Find your fit. See Size Chart. Tracer2 comes with everything you need to get unboxed and on the road. Your Tracer2 comes with light nexus unit with fiber optic shoulder bands and built-in fiber management clips, adjustable high-visibility fluorescent chest-band, and a USB to USB-C charging cable. Tracer 2. Multi-Colored Be choosey, or not. Waterproof Fear neither rain nor storm. Secure Fit Engineered to fit better than ever, Tracer2 features an adjustable chest strap and new Fit Clip system to keep fiber optics bounce-free for a weightless, natural feel. Rechargable Our most requested feature. Battery Life Battery Life Up to 20 hours of lasting rechargeable battery life. Maximum Visibility Built with Visual Science. Tracer2 Size Chart For an optimal fit, measure and wear under your chest as shown. Tracer2 Visibility Safety Vest. About that jacket FAQs Is the Tracer2 rechargeable? Expand Close Yes. How do I charge it? Do I have to pick a color? Expand Close No, they are all included. Is the Tracer2 distracting for the wearer? Where is my USB-C charge cable? Expand Close The included USB-C cable is located inside the enclosed compartment at the bottom of the Tracer2 box, just underneath the vest itself. Arrow Left Arrow Right. Select Size Find your fit. Tracer2 quantity. Add to cart. Light Output 80 Lumens. Run time regular use 20 hours. Time to 1hr use 20 min. Time to full charge 2. Charge cable USB-C included. Waterproof IP67 rating. Charge-level indicator LEDs. Fit Clip for fiber optic management. As seen in. Related Products. Newsletter Sign-Up Sign up to receive exclusive offers and updates. Follow Us noxgear. Run time regular use 20 hours Time to 1hr use 20 min Time to full charge 2. Weight 7 oz.
Welcome to Regenerations dance and the digital space, we are thrilled to see so many of you here. DeFrantz who will be sharing their insights and expertise with us. I would also like to thank IRIE! As the Sector Support Organisation, it is important for us to bring together leading artists and practitioners creating a space for critical debate, sharing of best practice and development of a strong and sustainable future for dance. Hopefully many of you are already familiar with One Dance UK and the work we do to represent and support the dance sector. We welcome new members, so if you have just discovered us and would like to find out more about joining, please do speak to one of the team about the current membership offers. Thank you again for joining us today. We hope you have a stimulating, thoughtprovoking and rewarding conference! We have enjoyed putting together a stimulating programme for you, blending a mix of old and new perspectives from across the globe. This fifth edition is knowledge packed and filled with sessions not to be missed.


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