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What is the Mount Desert Island Marathon?

The Mount Desert Island Marathon is an annual marathon race that takes place in Acadia National Park, Maine.

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Admin Race Our This incline will carry runners over the ridge between Champlain and Dorr Mountains. Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the immediate Atlantic Coast at 1, feet, will cast its shadow on the early miles of the course. The small hill from mile six to seven will not be noticeable because runners will enjoy spectacular scenery along the Hunters Beach Trail. There is a long, gradual downhill from mile seven to mile nine, then a series of rolling, curving vistas which overlook Seal Harbor, and the Cranberry Isles. At mile 10 rolling hills reveal unparalleled scenes, and the village of Northeast Harbor is visible across the ocean. Runners will enter Northeast Harbor, one of six villages along the course –quaint and attractive all– and reach the halfway mark just beyond the town. Site of the Half-Marathon Start. The halfway point is also near the mouth of the only true fjord on the Atlantic Coast, lined with the pink granite that makes up most of the area, Somes Sound nearly bisects the entire Island. The second half of the race is literally on the edge of this remarkable topographical marvel. The low point on the course, will come at mile 16 along the eastern shore of Somes Sound. This is followed by a slight rise to mile 17, and then a sharp incline from 17 to 18, heading up to the cliffs of the interior end of the fjord. Running hills makes for powerful camaraderie. Mile 19 is a giveback downhill, and then the gradual ascent from mile 20 to 25 begins in Somesville, the quintessential New England village. Mile 25 will be the high point of the course, literally and figuratively, and affording great views. And it will be all downhill from there. The final 1. But what a sky-high feeling of accomplishment it will bring! Race Details. Link Badge. Running News Daily 2 stories. Read More. Copyright MyBestRuns.
Click Here to Join Now. Since this was my 50th marathon you will hear Trevor ask me to share some lessons and take-a-ways from my journey thus far. We also take a short walk down memory lane. They also offer a half marathon in its 4th year , a team relay and kids run. The MDI Marathon fills up every year and has an informative website. They offered race deferrals, transfers to someone else and switching between races up until 6 weeks before the race. Another cool thing is that the race numbers are color coded so that participants, spectators, and race officials can identify the various groups. There were a few booths in the room and it was very easy to get your race packet. Race swag consisted of a long sleeve tech shirt, maple water, balsamic vinegar and the usual brochures and advertisements. Some of you may have heard of this event where race entry is free as an effort to support the community with more tourism after the lumber mill closed. I drove part of the 12 hour drive up to Maine on Friday and then finished up on Saturday. We gathered at a coffee shop called Choco Latte on Saturday afternoon. Bar Harbor is a beautiful area that gets millions of visitors each year from around the world. There are lots of great restaurants, art galleries and culture. When I was walking around town I saw a cruise ship sitting just off the island. Bar Harbor was settled in by fishermen, shipbuilders, artists, and outdoor enthusiasts. There are many activities to do in the area including hiking, biking, kayaking, birdwatching, snowshoe, cross country skiing, horseback, and great seafood. Acadia was established in by President Woodrow Wilson with 6, acres. It has since expanded to 49, acres and encompasses nearly half of MDI and a scattering of smaller islands. The area has miles of trails and some stately lighthouses. I was thankful for easy logistics on race morning and found parking at a park area near the YMCA. The half marathon had a separate starting time am and location. The race offered an early start for those runners who would take longer than 6. The Star Spangled Banner was played by a trumpeter and the race cannon sounded at 8am to get the race started along Main Street in Bar Harbor. The course had a 7 hour time limit. The race start was on Main Street in Bar Harbor and somewhat flat and slightly downhill before hitting the first of many hills. There were not many spectators along the course, just a few through the town areas and around the aid stations. The trees were spectacular with fall colors and the beauty made the numerous hills a lot better. It started to get foggy and misty around the half marathon starting line which obscured some views of the ocean. On a clear day the view of the water would have been wonderful but the fall colors were stunning throughout. It started raining around am and continued for the rest of the morning. This was definitely not my favorite part of the course as we were splashed by cars and treated to vehicle exhaust. Around the There were aid stations approximately every two miles manned by very enthusiastic volunteers.


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