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In the episode Stephen becomes immortal after accidentally killing Grimmy during the opening of the segment of Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D. This leads to Stephen singing Well Meet Again in its entirety along with a large crowd of several recognizable figures , before meeting with Santa Claus , Abraham Lincoln , and Alex Trebek on the roof of the studio. It was announced that day that The Colbert Report would conclude in December , and Colbert would be retiring his conservative character when he hosts The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , which premiered on September 8, Colbert said in advance, before the final week of the show aired, that it would be a special week like every other week. The final episode was the highest-rated episode of the series ever, and was the number one show on cable in its time slot. The final episode received generally positive reception including several tributes and positive reviews from critics. The episode opens during the ending of the December 18, , episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart checking in with Stephen to toss over the show a discontinued practice used earlier in the series run. Colbert does not directly acknowledge it being the final episode, but he quickly has Jimmy start The Colbert Report , abruptly ending The Daily Show without closing credits or a Moment of Zen. The first segment begins with a news story about a truck from Mark I Plumbing now being used as an anti-aircraft gun in Syria. After returning from a commercial break, Stephen begins the final installment of Cheating Death with Dr. Colbert draws his pistol Sweetness and kills Grimmy on the spot, throwing his pistol into the crowd with a fan getting it, leaving him without a guest and making him immortal. Returning from a commercial break Stephen explains he was going to say goodbye before ending the series, but now that he has become immortal, he realizes it would be meaningless and begins singing the song Well Meet Again. After the song ends, the studio is now empty, with a painting without Stephen Colbert, and Stephen is on the roof of the studio questioning what he should do now. Santa Claus sleigh suddenly lands in front of him Santa is accompanied by a unicorn -hybrid Abraham Lincoln , and Alex Trebek , the man with all the answers . Stephen agrees to join them, but worries that this means he will be gone forever. Trebek assures Stephen that they will always be there for the American people, when they need them the most. The episode ends with Colbert thanking everyone involved in the show throughout the run, and he calls upon Mavis Staples to help do so. Signing off with the words, From Eternity, Im Stephen Colbert, he then throws the show back to Jon Stewart, paying homage to his characters beginnings on The Daily Show and hinting that the entire series was just a nine-year-long correspondent segment. Jon thanks Stephen for the report and introduces the Moment of Zen , which is a previously unaired clip of Stewart checking in with Colbert from June 3, After being told that the said footage will not be used on air, Stewart says, lets go back into our funny characters Stephen, what are you doing? The shows closing credits were played out with the song Holland, by Neutral Milk Hotel instead of the usual theme. He picked the song in honor of his father and two brothers who died in a plane crash. It was also announced that The Colbert Report would conclude at the end of , and that Colbert will not be using his conservative character on Late Show. We look forward to the next eight months of the ground-breaking Colbert Report and wish Stephen the very best. Following the announcement, Colbert made a special surprise appearance in character on the April 23, , episode of The Daily Show to announce that it has become clear to him that he has won television and changed the world, the goal he originally set out to do, and thus no longer feels the need to continue. He expressed interest in taking over Late Show after Letterman retires but couldnt because they already gave it to some fat guy. On the July 30, , episode, actor James Franco tried unsuccessfully to get Colbert to break character by mentioning the upcoming show. When commenting on the final week of The Colbert Report Colbert stated Our last week of shows are going to be really special, just like every other week. The closing credits offer an apology to Doris Kearns Goodwin as part of a running gag on the series , and feature the song Holland, by Neutral Milk Hotel , as a tribute to Colberts father and two of his older brothers, Peter and Paul, who were killed in the crash of Eastern Air Lines Flight when he was 10 years old. The final episode originally aired in the United States on Thursday, December 18, , at EST , where the show has aired throughout the entire run.


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