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With Panasonic now offering full frame support and a variety of 4k video, Dave and I discuss their new lens support alliance with Leica and Sigma. Is this a video killer or mainly more photography focussed camera? Ben discusses the techniques they employ and what they do to make their videos look fantastic. Dave also talks about his ND filter experiences, low cost to high cost, with some surprise results. Checkout our new website www. Please remember to select Our Week In Video. Thank you for listening. Dave Dugdale. This episode is sponsored by Soundstripe. On this weeks episode we invited our friend Dave Dugdale onto the show to discuss the a as well as other cameras. Really we are all over the place, yet its all relative. Rich is also on cloud 9 as he gets a compliment on his grading skills from the man himself. Links to be created and posted on our social platforms. Dave Dugdale of LearningVideo. But this is not just a gear chat, we talk about our philosophy of buying gear – when we do and when we dont, and why. Does buying a better camera really make us better storytellers? It depends. Of course, it was inevitable that we talk about Canon – who Dave famously dumped and switched to Sony. Please support our show sponsors VideoBlocks – an affordable, subscription-based stock media site that gives you unlimited access to premium stock footage. If youre serious about learning video, chances are youve come across one of the videos of Dave Dugdale of LearningVideo. When Dave Dugdale talks, companies listen. What sets Dave apart from many other professionals in this industry, is that Dave will be the first to tell you he doesnt consider himself a pro. Hes just a regular guy trying to learn video and sharing what he learns with the world. He doesnt put on a face and try to make himself cooler or smarter than he really is. Hes like the friendly neighborhood dad down the street Todays bonus episode of the show is my full, uncut interview with Dave. I dont want the Solo Creative interviews I did to go to waste, so periodically Ill post them in the Radio Film School feed as bonuses. Other 1-on-1 Filmmaker Interviews Crossing the If you like these one-on-one style interviews where I dig deep and wide with filmmakers, youll love my back catalog of Crossing the This was my first filmmakers podcast. Over interviews with filmmakers from just about every facet of the business from Hollywood DPs and directors, to DSLR luminaries, to wedding rock stars. Go to daredreamer. Add photos to help you visualize the story. You can even join a community of like-minded creatives who can all collaborate with you on your storys development. Head on over to buildstory. No credit card is required. Were thrilled to have Wipster join the Radio Film School family. Wipster is a leading video collaboration tool, allowing you to share your video with clients and colleagues and collect feedback. Go to Wipster. And if youre used to using Vimeo to share links with clients, no worries. Wipster has exclusive integration with Vimeo. Go from Vimeo to Wipster and back again, seamlessly. Wipster also has a built-in panel that allows you to share your video directly from within Premiere Pro, and youll be able to see clients feedback on that video directly within Premiere. Check out their 1-minute walk-through. We also have a few listenerquestions for Dave too. In This Episode We have the legend that is Dave Dugdale returning to our humble podcast talking about his in-depth findings with the Sony a7rii and how he has created a 6 hour course explaining almost everything about the video aspects of that camera. We also have some fun outtakes of Dave not realising what show he is on! I stumbled across his videos a few years ago when I first bought a DSLR and was trying to figure out what camera settings to use. In todays podcast episode I chat with Dave about how he transitioned from making videos about real estate to drive search traffic into teaching video production and making videos for a living instead. We discuss why you might want to use a mirrorless camera like a Sony A7 series or Panasonic GH4 instead of a DSLR from Canon, give advice for making videos in a crowded niche, and why having a regimented release schedule for your videos might not be the best way to go. Dave also shares why he will probably sell his Panasonic GH4 even though he thinks its a great camera. What do you do when you feel nothing is working in your business? How do you get unstuck when you feel you are getting nowhere in getting client work? Kris helps you get unstuck and get moving forward with your digital media business. Royalty-free footage, audio, images, and visual effects. All you need, all in one place. They do not affect the price you pay for the services or products linked. I do receive a small commission from the sale that helps offset the cost of publishing this website. Dave Dugdale 10 Podcast Episodes. Latest 6 Nov Updated Daily.


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