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What is Maker Faire Detroit Promo Code?

Maker Faire Detroit Promo Code is a promotional code that you can use to get discounted tickets for Maker Faire Detroit, an annual event that showcases the latest innovations in science, technology, engineering, and art.

How can you get the Maker Faire Detroit Promo Code?

You can get the Maker Faire Detroit Promo Code by visiting the official website of Maker Faire Detroit or by following their social media accounts.

What are the benefits of using Maker Faire Detroit Promo Code?

Using Maker Faire Detroit Promo Code can help you save big on your tickets and enjoy the event without breaking the bank.

When is the Maker Faire Detroit event?

Maker Faire Detroit is usually held in July or August every year, depending on the schedule of the venue.

What can you expect from Maker Faire Detroit?

Maker Faire Detroit is a fun and educational event that showcases the latest innovations in science, technology, engineering, and art.

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It just looks like something that could turn into a debate, so I wanted to throw that out there before things started heating up. Otherwise, no problem. Yeah, I got my reservation in a few months after reveal, so that estimator is just something I check on a regular basis. My estimated delivery date has pretty much stayed in Q4 The meetup will be at 11am this Saturday, the 29th! I hope to see you there! Looking forward to meeting you in person. So how was Detroit Makerfaire? I just got back from a teaching workshop at the Henry Ford museumwhat an amazing place! I was sad we were one week away from being there for itpossibly planning a trip for next summer to it. Seriously, it was mind-blowing. They do a TV show called Innovation Nation that highlights some of the great stuff they have. Greenfield Village is the coolestI got to make a brass candlestick on a lathe that was a century old! Well worth a trip. I told someone it felt like Disneyland but for makers. The Henry Ford is definitely a cool place to check out! HFM and Greenfield Village were my favorite field trips while growing up downriver. The Detroit Maker Faire was get. Got to spend about 40 minutes zavaboy as we were both dreaming about the day when we will finally get our. These are all truly amazing items on their own and almost overwhelming as they are all together. When you put a Maker Faire on top of all of this it truly is overwhelming. I hope to see you and other owners at next year Detroit Maker Faire. Love to see how many people are involved in the process of building those trucks! Have you been to the Piquette avenue plant? And some beautiful cars to see! Very excited to come back for Maker Faire and introduce my family to all of the funhopefully next summer! So glad you enjoyed your time in Dearborn. If you are able to visit in the future, please let me know. Our tour guide worked for Ford for 30 years and was really great about pointing out the significance of each car. And we got to ride the elevator Studebaker installed to move the cars from floor to floor, which was fun! Will definitely let you know if we end up coming outI really hope we can do Makerfaire next summer. Maker Faire Detroit Everything Else. If anything changes, I will post details here. Not going to be able to make this. Have fun. My brother totally wants to get into thiswe watched it at the Bay Area Faire!
Toggle navigation. There are four pages to this application. At any time, you can save your application with the Save and Continue Later link at the bottom of each page. During the application process, do not refresh your browser, or your answers may be lost. Booth or Exhibit Presentation, Workshop, or Demo scheduled event on a stage or in workshop area Performance. I DO plan to sell merchandise at MFD and understand this type or booth or exhibit is charged a fee. I do NOT intend to sell merchandise. Standard Presentation presenters Panel Presentation up to 6 participants, with moderator Workshop class-style, participants are hands-on Demo presenter is showing audience how to do something, only presenter is hands-on. If your presentation can be edited to length, select all the options that could apply. Describe the number of times you are offering to do your workshop or demo at Maker Faire. If one time, how long is it? Please describe. This information will not be made public. Be as descriptive as possible. Response limited to characters or less. This information will be made public. File must be at least px wide or larger. Select your best photo. This photo will appear publicly with your short description above. Maximum file size 8MB. Accepted file types jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. Please copy and paste the full link below. Either Saturday or Sunday Saturday only Sunday only. Showcasing my project and sharing knowledge Creating a hands on activity to inspire others to make Promoting a product or service Selling at Maker Faire Launching a product or service Launching a crowdfunding campaign Soliciting crowdfunding support for a campaign Active Networking collecting names, signatures, etc. Any URLs to specific websites or images or videos are helpful. Yes No. Im selling or giving away pre-packaged food, not intended for immediate consumption. Im sampling food as part of my exhibit, workshop, demo or presentation. Including food in your exhibit may require a Health Permit and associated fee. We are looking for leaders, influencers, and practitioners that provide support, services, and programs that connect making to more formalized learning. Yes No Id like to learn more about this opportunity. Outside no tent Outside with tent Indoor or outdoor, I do not require a specific location Inside Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation inside space is limited power limited to no more than 15amps. My exhibit is mobile no booth needed No booth needed performer or presenter 10 x 8 Standard booth space 10 x 16 20 x 20 20 x 40 40 x 40.


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