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As a frequent shopper at ULTA, you may have received gift cards that you’re not quite sure how to use. But fear not – with our comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to unlock the benefits of ULTA gift card codes and make the most out of your shopping experience. From redeeming your rewards points to accessing exclusive discounts, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

What are ULTA gift card codes?

– ULTA gift card codes are unique codes that can be redeemed for products or services at ULTA Beauty stores or online.

How do I redeem ULTA gift card codes?

– To redeem ULTA gift card codes, visit the ULTA Beauty website or store, select your desired products, and enter the code at checkout.

What are the benefits of using ULTA gift card codes?

– ULTA gift card codes provide a convenient and flexible way to purchase beauty products, and they make great gifts for friends and family.

Can I use ULTA gift card codes to purchase salon services?

– Yes, ULTA gift card codes can be used to purchase salon services, including haircuts, styling, and spa treatments.

How can I check the balance of my ULTA gift card code?

– To check the balance of your ULTA gift card code, visit the ULTA website or store, or call the customer service number on the back of the card.

2. With the ability to purchase a wide range of beauty products, including skincare, haircare, makeup, and fragrances, ULTA gift card codes offer a convenient way to shop for all your beauty needs in one place.

Protect Card like cash. Card not valid for use until purchased and activated. Purchase, use or acceptance of Card constitutes acceptance of Terms. Usable up to remaining Card balance to purchase goods or services at Ulta Beauty stores or at ulta. Not redeemable for cash except as required by applicable law. Not redeemable at Ulta Beauty at Target or on Target. Card does not expire or incur fees. If lost, stolen or damaged, Card will not be replaced without proof of purchase. Issuer is not responsible for use of Card without authorization. For balance inquiry, additional and changed Terms Issuer reserves right to change Terms at any time , visit ulta. Purchasers of ULTA eGift Cards are responsible for providing an accurate and deliverable email address for the recipient during the purchase and checkout process on ulta. Refunds will not be made for eGift Card purchases sent to an incorrect, invalid or undeliverable email address provided by the purchaser. ULTA is not responsible if the eGift card is lost or redeemed by an incorrect recipient. They cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. The PIN number can be found on the back of the Gift Card under the black and silver scratch-off coating at the bottom. Only one eGift Card can be redeemed per online order. If the amount of the order exceeds the available balance on the Gift Card or eGift Card, the recipient will need to pay for the balance of the order via other acceptable means of tender. Guests can merge multiple Ulta Beauty Gift Cards together through our chat feature in order to use multiple gift cards for their ulta. This function can merge up to two gifts cards at a time that were purchased at an Ulta Beauty location and can be found here ulta. Choose the chat feature, then Gift Card Merge. Guest Service Specialists can also assist with merges. Please contact Guest Services for assistance. Purchasers who wish to cancel an eGift Card purchase prior to its delivery to a recipient should contact Customer Support prior to the delivery date selected during the purchase process. CashStar is a Maine-based company specializing in eGift Cards that allow consumers and businesses to securely send gift cards over the internet. CashStars focus is on developing a secure payment technology platform and service dedicated to bridging the digital and physical divide. CashStar is fully PCI compliant. If you are online, you can check your balance at ulta. In you are in an ULTA store, simply ask one of our associates to check the balance for you. Yes, you can merge your Ulta Beauty gift cards together! Any gift cards purchased at an Ulta Beauty location or online at ulta. Please contact them via your preferred method here. No, except if you choose to purchase a plastic Gift Card online and request expedited shipping. Once you purchase your card in an ULTA store, online at ulta. If you have any problems with your card, you can check your balance at ulta. They operate just like a plastic card and can be redeemed either in an ULTA store or online at ulta. For more information about eGift Cards, go to ulta. If you have one of these accounts with no AMEX card, please enter as your card security code. We adhere to all industry best practices to ensure successful delivery of the eGift Card via email. Still, there is a chance that the email will be treated as spam or the recipient didnt notice it in their email inbox. You will receive an email message confirming delivery of the Gift Card alert email, and a message notifying you that the eGift Card has been viewed. If the eGift Card goes un-viewed for 15 days after delivery, you will receive a message with options for resolving the issue. You will receive an email message confirming delivery, and a message notifying you that the eGift Card has been viewed. You may also contact Customer Support with the order number from the email you received confirming your purchase, and we can tell you if the recipient has viewed their eGift Card. Find a Store. Gift Cards. Sign In. Toggle Navigation Menu. Can I Merge Gift Cards? What is the difference between a Gift Card and an eGift Card? Which credit cards do you accept? How do you prevent the email from getting lost as spam? How do I know the recipient actually received the eGift Card I sent them? Can I redeem my 3rd Party Gift Cards e. Please refer to the terms of the card for redemption options. Back to Top.
Ulta Beauty is the largest beauty retailer in the United States and the premier beauty destination for cosmetics, fragrance, skin, hair care products and salon services. Ulta Beauty also offers a full-service salon in every store featuring hair, skin brow, and make-up services. Ulta Beauty eGift Cards are the perfect gift for any occasion. No service fees and No expiration date apply. Card not valid for use until purchased and activated. Purchase, use or acceptance of Card constitutes acceptance of Terms.


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