Score Big with Boordy Events Discount Code – Your Ultimate Guide to Saving on Your Next Event!

As event planning becomes more expensive, finding ways to save money on your next event can be a lifesaver. Boordy Events Discount Code is the ultimate guide to helping you score big and save on your next event. With a plethora of discounts, deals, and savings available, you can easily plan your dream event without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, Boordy Events Discount Code has got you covered with the best savings and deals.

What is Boordy Events Discount Code?

Boordy Events Discount Code is a promotional code that allows you to save money on your next event booking with Boordy Vineyards.

How do I use Boordy Events Discount Code?

To use Boordy Events Discount Code, simply enter the code at checkout when booking your event with Boordy Vineyards.

What kind of events can I book with Boordy Vineyards?

Boordy Vineyards offers a variety of event spaces for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and more.

How much can I save with Boordy Events Discount Code?

The amount you can save with Boordy Events Discount Code will vary depending on the promotion being offered at the time.

Are there any restrictions on using Boordy Events Discount Code?

Restrictions may apply to certain promotions, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before booking your event with Boordy Vineyards.

2. These codes can help you to stay within your budget and still have a memorable and successful event.

Available dates for wine sampling are December 12, 17 and Upcoming dates for beer sampling are December 14 and Tasting hours are from 4pm to 7pm. You can also follow us on Facebook and on Twitter. Find more half-price ticket deals here. Baltimore Attractions. Baltimore Entertainment Deals. Baltimore on the Cheap is a member of Living on the Cheap , a network of websites published by frugalistas, journalists and consumer advocates. Find practical advice on saving money on groceries, travel and shopping, plus tips from our experts on how to live the good life for less at Living on the Cheap. Skip to primary navigation Skip to secondary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Search this site Christmas Village. Entertainment Find discounts on Baltimore-area entertainment. Shopping Dont go to the store without checking these Baltimore shopping bargains. Member of the Living on the Cheap Network Baltimore on the Cheap is a member of Living on the Cheap , a network of websites published by frugalistas, journalists and consumer advocates. Please enter all required fields. Correct invalid entries. Subscribe FREE. Subscribe to BaltimoreontheCheap. Please enter all required fields Correct invalid entries. Each day youll receive one email listing all the deals, discounts and free events published in the last 24 hours at Baltimore on the Cheap.
Any plans to mark the occasion for a winery that was founded by Jocelyn and Philip Wagner in were canceled by the COVID pandemic along with other big events that it annually holds. In addition, at least for the moment, only those at least 21 years old are welcome to the site in Baltimore County, located a half-hour from downtown Baltimore, and switched from tastings to flights. Opinions vary on the extent of the effects of the pandemic on the business of running a winery in , but they do unite at the same place Everyone had to change aspects of their operation to adjust to lockdowns and mitigation efforts, a. At Boordy, that means a continuation of wine flights, a switch to fewer private tours of the historic site amid the development of a self-guided tour, and at least another year of going without any major events. Airy, Maryland. What we have learned and what we will continue to do are seated tastings, which have been very well received. Just like the grapevine itself, vintners proved their resiliency in As did our whole team and all of our supporters. There has been a lot of loss and suffering that has been real and tragic. On the other hand, it has forced producers to be creative about how they can continue to market their wines and for many, business has been much better than expected. That combined with very strong on-premise retail business in the summer and fall made up for a significant shortfall in our wholesale business, especially in NYC. Believe it or not, Crossing Vineyards has been in business for 20 years. One of the discoveries we made this year and will certainly continue with going forward is the importance of our beautiful grounds. Because we were limited in the number of people we could allow inside our buildings, we encouraged people to bring lawn chairs and folding tables and take advantage of their ability to social distance on our lawns. As you know, we take great care of and great pride in our grounds. For the first time, we promoted the use of our outdoor space. Maybe it was the right offer at the right time, who knows? But we were busier than ever on weekends. Local people also discovered or rediscovered us. So they looked for local attractions. Will this continue? We hope so. Also, by necessity, we developed a contact-free ordering system. We have tags with QR codes attached to all of our tables. People can scan the code and bring up our Light Bites menu. They can order and pay from their phones, then either pick up their orders at a centrally located table or have one of our staff members bring the order to their tables. This change led to better service and increased efficiency in the utilization of our staff. Will we continue with it? People are getting their food and drinks quicker. Maybe they will buy more and become repeat customers as a result. The Chinese characters for danger and opportunity are one and the same. We did make several changes in , including limiting our crowd sizes overall and moving to reservation-only for weekend visits. We were fully booked for about two weeks in advance all summer and fall, and the smaller crowds allowed for more time for our staff to interact with our guests. We plan on maintaining both of those changes for A couple of major takeaways. Amazingly our sales at Maple Springs Vineyard ended crazy in , up over not by much, but up nonetheless in a year like this is welcome. The other is that the breweries seemed to figure out how to keep selling so our Sixtel keg sales were solid. Breweries often have unusually large spaces for social distancing and outdoor accommodations.


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