Uncover the Secrets of San Diego’s Haunted Hotels with Exclusive Promo Codes

San Diego’s haunted hotels are a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers and ghost enthusiasts alike. With their eerie history and mysterious past, these hotels have become popular tourist spots for those looking for a unique and spooky experience. With exclusive promo codes, visitors can now uncover the secrets of these haunted hotels and immerse themselves in the paranormal world that lies within. Join us as we delve into the history and mystery of some of San Diego’s most haunted hotels.

What are some of the most haunted hotels in San Diego?

– Some of the most haunted hotels in San Diego are Hotel del Coronado, Horton Grand Hotel, and The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

What are some of the reported ghostly encounters at Hotel del Coronado?

– Guests and staff at Hotel del Coronado have reported seeing the ghost of a young woman, known as Kate Morgan, who died at the hotel in 1892.

How can you get exclusive promo codes for haunted hotel stays in San Diego?

– You can get exclusive promo codes for haunted hotel stays in San Diego by signing up for the hotel’s email newsletter, following them on social media, or checking online coupon websites.

What are some of the benefits of staying at a haunted hotel in San Diego?

– Staying at a haunted hotel in San Diego can be a thrilling experience for those who enjoy paranormal activity.

How can you prepare yourself for a stay at a haunted hotel?

– To prepare yourself for a stay at a haunted hotel, research the hotel’s history and ghostly encounters beforehand.

2. With exclusive promo codes, visitors can save money while enjoying a thrilling stay at some of the most haunted hotels in the city.

What time does the line start forming? Early in the season, arriving anytime throughout the night is fine but the closer it gets to Halloween, the more crowded it tends to be so you may want to arrive a little earlier. How long is the wait in line? The line is usually around 30 minutes earlier in the month, but when it gets closer to Halloween and ON Halloween that wait could be much longer. How long does it take to go through the haunted house? That depends on many factors. First you must buy your tickets in one line, then wait to enter the haunt in the entrance line. Once you enter, it will be roughly minutes depending on how fast your group moves. The lines get longer the closer it gets to Halloween. If I have already bought my ticket and I am in line when the house closes, will I get a chance to go through? Yes, we will stop selling tickets at close time but the house will stay open until the last patron in the entrance line has gone through. Can I make a reservation? We do not take reservations, however you can purchase a Fast Pass to skip the General Admission line. Are there Group Discounts? Group ticket sales must be arranged in advance. Tickets must be purchased in one transaction and then distributed to the group. Are Credit Cards Accepted? Yes, but ONLY for online ticket sales. If you are buying your ticket at the ticket booth, it will be cash only. Can I buy tickets in advance? You may purchase tickets online at www. Please be sure to read ticket instructions so that you bring the correct ticket with barcode to be scanned at the door. Be sure that you have selected the correct attraction to purchase tickets for. Group sales may also be arranged in advance by calling our office. I bought my ticket online, will I still need to wait in a line? Buying your ticket in advance will save you from waiting in the Ticket Booth line which is usually the longest wait. What is a Fast Pass and how do I get one? The Fast Pass allows you to go the front of the entrance line. You can purchase a Fast Pass online it is included in the VIP Admission or at the ticket booth on busy nights when you arrive at the house. Are the characters allowed to touch you? The actors will not touch or grab you. However, they do get very close. You may brush up against their costumes or props or come into contact with some of the sets, but you will not be grabbed or pushed. Are there any age restrictions? YES, it is not recommended for children under the age of There are no special prices for children and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the haunt. There are many emergency exits throughout each attraction in case anyone gets too scared to continue. Where can I find coupons? Please note coupons are not valid towards online tickets unless they have a promo code listed. When are coupons valid? There are several types of coupons. Read them carefully to see what days they can be used. Is The Haunted Hotel wheelchair accessible? Is there a lot of smoke in the haunted house? Yes, we do use fog machines. Should you find the smoke too intense there are emergency exits throughout the attraction. Are there strobe lights? Yes, there will be strobe lights. Can I go in if Im pregnant? Sorry, but no pregnant women, infants, or children being carried will be allowed entry. This attraction is not recommended for visitors who have heart conditions, are prone to seizures, or are in general poor health. We reserve the right to determine if you are not allowed in due to safety reasons. Is it a ride? No, this is a walk-through attraction. Is it dark? Yes, it is very dark for most of it. Is it a maze? Can I get lost? No, The Hotel is not a maze. If you have any problems an actor will help you to an exit. Can we wear our Halloween costumes when we come through? You are allowed to wear costumes. Any props you are carrying will need to be left at the entrance. Are you still open if it rains? Yes, The Haunted Hotel is indoors. The area for the box office line and lines to enter the haunts are outside. Once weve used our ticket can we go through again with the same ticket? A new ticket is required for each visit. Do your attractions have security? Yes, we do have security. We seldom, if ever, have a problem that actually requires security but we have it just in case. We also have an EMT on staff each night. Can we be thrown out of the Hotel for any reason? We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We do not allow babies or children to be carried through. Smoking and alcohol is not allowed. We reserve the right to remove any patron from the event if we feel it is necessary. Violation of these rules will usually bring a warning and then being asked to leave without a refund. Can we be injured at your event? Running is the main cause of minor injuries. Do you serve alcoholic beverages? And they are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any. Is smoking allowed?


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