Understanding NJ Escheat Laws What Happens to Unclaimed Gift Cards?

Welcome to our guide on Understanding NJ Escheat Laws and what happens to unclaimed gift cards. Unclaimed gift cards can be a tricky subject, and understanding the escheat laws in New Jersey is important to ensure you follow the proper procedures. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about New Jersey’s escheat laws and how they affect unclaimed gift cards.

What are NJ Escheat Laws?

NJ Escheat Laws are state regulations that dictate what happens to unclaimed property, such as gift cards, when the rightful owner cannot be located.

How do NJ Escheat Laws affect gift cards?

Under NJ Escheat Laws, gift cards that go unclaimed for a certain period of time must be turned over to the state, which then attempts to locate the owner.

What is the time period for gift cards to be considered unclaimed?

In New Jersey, gift cards are considered unclaimed after two years of inactivity, meaning the card has not been used or had any funds added to it during that time.

Is there a way to prevent gift cards from being escheated?

Gift card issuers can prevent their cards from being escheated by implementing an expiration date, which is allowed under NJ law as long as the expiration date is clearly disclosed to the purchaser.

How can gift card owners avoid having their cards escheated?

To avoid having their gift cards escheated, owners should use the card before it becomes inactive or check the balance periodically to ensure it remains in use.

After understanding NJ escheat laws, it is clear that unclaimed gift cards are not lost forever. They are held in trust by the state until the rightful owner comes forward to claim them. This not only ensures that the value of the gift card is protected but also prevents it from being misused. Knowing your rights as a consumer and understanding the laws related to unclaimed property can help you make informed decisions when it comes to gift cards and other assets.

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On Sept. The merchandise credits could not be redeemed for cash refunds and had no expiration date. The claim was denied by the unclaimed property administrator. The claim was also denied. However, the court had also determined that gift certificates were not intangible property because gift certificates could be redeemed for merchandise. The amendments also limited the escheatment on non-reloadable cards to 60 percent of the value at the time the property is presumed abandoned. However, the dormancy period had not yet elapsed because only three years had passed. Additionally, the merchandise credits were escheated at full value, rather than at 60 percent. Although stored value cards are now subject to escheat, it is important for companies to review their filings to ensure they have not remitted merchandise credits prior to July 1, In addition, companies should review their merchandise credits and stored value cards in order to ensure that the property is remitted at the correct value.


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