Unleash the Power of Gifting with bpost bpaid Gift Card

As a frequent gift-giver, finding the perfect present for every occasion can be a daunting task. But with bpost bpaid Gift Card, I have discovered the ultimate solution that simplifies the process and unlocks the power of gifting. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just a token of appreciation, the bpaid Gift Card offers endless possibilities to give the gift of choice and flexibility to loved ones. From personal experience, I highly recommend this innovative gifting option to anyone looking to make someone feel special.

What is bpost bpaid Gift Card and how does it work?

The bpost bpaid Gift Card is a prepaid gift card that can be used at any merchant that accepts Mastercard.

Why is bpost bpaid Gift Card a great gifting option?

The bpost bpaid Gift Card allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want, while still giving them the gift of a specific amount of money.

Where can I purchase a bpost bpaid Gift Card?

bpost bpaid Gift Cards can be purchased online or at any bpost office in Belgium.

How can I personalize a bpost bpaid Gift Card?

You can personalize a bpost bpaid Gift Card by adding a custom message or photo when purchasing online.

How can I check the balance of a bpost bpaid Gift Card?

You can check the balance of a bpost bpaid Gift Card online or by calling the customer service number on the back of the card.

2. By using the card, you can give them the freedom to choose what they want, ensuring that they get the perfect gift.

With your Belgian electronic identity card, you can immediately receive a bpaid prepaid credit card at any of our post offices. With bpaid you dont have any income conditions and you dont need to open a bank account for it. Bpaid prepaid card is not linked to a bank account and can be easily used to pay online and in all the shops that accept Mastercard cards. Thanks to your online My bpaid , you can view the balance and the history of your transactions at any time. The new Mastercard Gold by Cofidis offers only exclusive services. The spending limit for this premium credit card is up to Travel safely with travel insurance accident, delayed departure, loss of luggage. Pay securely for your purchases on the Internet or in any stores with your dedicated insurances. With Mastercard Gold by Cofidis, you can withdraw up to euro per day anywhere in the world. Now you can pay quickly and securely in Belgium and abroad without having any transaction fees on the Internet. If choose the Mastercard Gold by Cofidis you dont need to open a current account to get your credit card and is coming with a credit line. With Mastercard Gold by Cofidis, you can track all your expenses online. Mastercard Gold by Cofidis is offering you the choice between 3 or 4 types of reimbursements depending on the amount of your credit. You can convert your miles into airline or train tickets for any destination of your choice. With World Travel Mastercard by Beobank you have the freedom to pay in 22 million shops and withdraw money anywhere in the world. The card speding limit starts with euro with a annual subscription 60 euro and an effective rate of With Visa Gold by Beobank, you dont need to change your bank and you have a credit opening of at least 3, euro. The annual effective rate for the credit card is Visa Gold comes with 3 exclusive insurances Purchase protection, Safe online and Prolonged warranty. Beobank credit card Visa Classic offers automatically a Purchase Insurance and the credit opening is euro. The annual subscription fee is 5 euro and the annual effective rate is After the first purchase with your credit card, you will receive a 5 euro gift from Visa Classic. For any purchase made with Q8 World Mastercard credit card anywhere in the world, you will enjoy a 0. You receive a 0. Up to euro are reimbursed per year by Q8 World Mastercard from Beobank. The credit card limit starts from euro and the annual effective rate is The annual subscription fee is only 5 euro per year. We use cookies to help us improve and create a better user experience for you. You can see here the cookies that we are using and how to opt out. Or you can. Advantages You can use it for shopping online The bpaid card is accepted in all countries, with the exception of North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria. Description With your Belgian electronic identity card, you can immediately receive a bpaid prepaid credit card at any of our post offices. Not available. Are you interested in Travel credit cards? Cofidis MasterCard Gold Rating. More details. Card limit euros. Advantages Description. Travel insurance accident, lost luggage, delayed flight Assistance insurance hospitalisation, repatriation Purchase protection including online purchases No need to change your bank Reimbursements adapted to your budget. The costs with the credit card are only 5 euro per year. Advantages Insurance Purchase protection Pay back in installments Apply now. Are you interested in Discounts credit cards? Beobank Visa Classic Rating. Or you can Accept.
Quelles autres alternatives? Il ny a pas de frais de rechargement si vous le faites par virement bancaire mais le chargement prend plusieurs jours, ce qui est un gros handicap. Alternatives le compte gratuit de CBC avec carte Prepaid gratuite pour charger directement votre carte depuis ce compte. BNP Visa Classic. CBC Mastercard Prepaid. N26 Mastercard Prepaid. KBC Mastercard Prepaid. Bpaid Bpost. ViaBuy Prepaid. Bunq Prepaid. Monese Starter. Recharge lente plusieurs jours dattente via compte bancaire dune autre banque. Fonction sans contact. Bpost Bpaid Android. Bpost Bpaid Apple. Frais de chargements. Frais de retraits dargent. Tarifs paiement. Consulter le solde. American Express. Beobank Visa Classic. Blue American Express. Cofidis Mastercard. Beobank Visa Extra. American Express Green. Beobank Visa Gold. American Express Gold. Beobank Extra Mastercard. American Express Platinum. Belfius Mastercard Credit New. Beobank Young Mastercard. American Express Brussels Airlines Classic. Belfius Mastercard Credit Star. Beobank Q8 World Mastercard. American Express Brussels Airlines Premium. Beobank Elite Travel Mastercard. BNP Paribas Fortis. ING Visa Classic. Carte Cetelem Maestro. BNP Mastercard Gold. Hello Visa Classic. ING Mastercard Gold. Hello Bank! KBC Mastercard Silver. BuyWay MasterCard. KBC Mastercard Gold. KBC Mastercard Platinum. Argenta Mastercard Green. Bpost Mastercard. Argenta Mastercard Gold. Keytrade Bank.


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