Unlock Huge Savings with Nicora Johns Discount Code – Your Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Welcome to the world of sustainable fashion! Nicora Johns is a brand committed to creating eco-friendly footwear, handcrafted in the USA with high-quality materials. With our discount code, you can unlock huge savings and enjoy guilt-free shopping. Join us on this journey towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Let us guide you through the benefits of sustainable fashion and how you can make a positive impact on the planet.

What is Nicora Johns?

Nicora Johns is a company that produces sustainable, ethically-made footwear and accessories.

What is a discount code?

A discount code is a unique code that provides a discount on a product or service when applied during checkout.

How can you use a Nicora Johns discount code?

To use a Nicora Johns discount code, simply enter the code during checkout on the company’s website.

What kind of savings can you unlock with a Nicora Johns discount code?

A Nicora Johns discount code can unlock significant savings on sustainable and ethically-made footwear and accessories.

Why is sustainable fashion important?

Sustainable fashion is important because it reduces the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry and promotes ethical and fair labor practices.

2. The discount code not only helps you save money but also supports a brand that is committed to ethical and eco-friendly practices.

August 31, am. After a fun little game of phone tag this past week, I had the chance to chat with founder Stephanie Nicora and was left completely inspired and even more in love with the company, what they stand for, and of course- their shoes! Stephanie is originally from San Francisco, currently living in LA where she runs the day-to-day operations of Nicora Johns. While she started the shoe-making process in her home workshop, the company has evolved significantly. She teamed up with a traditional, father-son owned factory for co-op style production with a core staff of 12 people and growing! This year-old dream-boat has repairing own shoes since age She would thrift beat-up, vintage footwear then take them to small, local shoe repair shops to get them looking brand new. After a while of hanging out in the shops and watching the repairs, she started borrowing supplies, and trying her hand at the trade. Eventually she went on to do an official apprenticeship for more formal training. The two talked about what they wanted to do with their lives, and came to the realization that they both wanted to make shoes. The idea for Nicora Johns was born! Since shoe-making is primarily human labor as opposed to mechanical , many companies outsource to cut overhead cost leading to ridiculously unfair wages for a trade that takes many years to perfect. One of my favorite parts of our conversation was hearing about the work environment they maintain at the factory as well as the appreciation and respect she had for each person working there. Rather than making all of the decisions herself, they work as a team. They have fun, get to know each other and she gets input from each team member on how they can be better. Another unique aspect of the company is their material sources. In order to ensure she was choosing the best materials possible, Stephanie went above and beyond expectations. She researched the origin not just the fabric, but each and every component of the fabric to ensure she knew where it was coming from and the environmental impact. The manufacturer even runs on primarily solar power! We can expect to see a store-front in They currently offer the Leroy and take custom orders, but shoe making for men is much more difficult so takes a bit more time to perfect. Companies like Nicora Johns are bringing fare-wage jobs to our country, without harming our environment and showing the world how incredible vegan fashion can be! Merry Christmas to me! Have you checked Nicora Johns out yet? Follow her on Instagram for an inside peek at her life as a vegan shoemaker and some amazing discount codes! Im Kortney a wife, natural mama and vegan in love with life, food and all things vintage! I started Vegan Housewives because I dont think you have to give up the joys of food when going vegan! I am so happy I found your site! I also run a similar site called Stepsinstilettos. We are very new and would love to pick your brain about how you got started, any tips, and how you get advertisements. I look forward to talking! Hey Jamie! My biggest suggestion for new bloggers is to post like you have millions of followers, even if you have only one. Once you have the content, traffic will come and advertisers will be there. Also, social media is your friend! Good luck!! All rights reserved. The Future of Nicora Johns We can expect to see a store-front in Make sure you know where everything came from. Connect With The Author Twitter. Subscribe to our mailing list. Jamie Reply. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. What does vegan mean? Some choose this lifestyle for health reasons, many for ethical purposes or animal welfare and others for religious or environmental causes. While this only touches the surface and there is a long list of reasons for veganism, we believe no motive is greater than another. Disclaimer Vegan Housewives is a lifestyle blog where we express our own personal opinions, ideas and experiences. We are in no way nutritionists or doctors. While veganism has been believed to improve health, those with medical conditions considering any sort of dietary change should consult a physician. All content is owned by Vegan Housewives and any information borrowed for personal use should be linked back to the source.
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