Unlock the Fun Enter our Fantage Premium Member Account Giveaway!

Unlock the Fun with Fantage! We are thrilled to announce our Premium Member Account Giveaway, exclusively for our beloved users. As a part of our commitment to offer a seamless and exciting user experience, we are giving away premium accounts to enhance your gaming experience. Join us now and enter the contest to enjoy unbeatable advantages as a Fantage Premium Member!

What is the Fantage Premium Member Account Giveaway?

The Fantage Premium Member Account Giveaway is a competition where you can win access to a premium member account on the popular gaming platform, Fantage.

How do I enter the giveaway?

To enter the giveaway, simply follow the instructions on our blog post and complete the required tasks, such as liking our social media pages and commenting on the post.

What are the benefits of a premium member account on Fantage?

A premium member account on Fantage gives you access to exclusive features, such as more virtual currency, special items, and access to premium games and events.

How long does the giveaway run for?

The duration of the giveaway is specified in the blog post, so make sure to check it out for all the details.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on our social media pages and notified via email or direct message within a few days after the giveaway ends.

Entering our Fantage Premium Member Account Giveaway can unlock a world of fun for you! As a premium member, you’ll have access to exclusive features and benefits such as more clothing options, special games, and the ability to create your own virtual home. Our past winners have raved about how much more they enjoy playing Fantage since becoming a premium member. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Fantage experience – enter our giveaway now!

Hey guys,as the title says, i gonna give away my premium member account. It expires next year coz i just renewed the membership. I will give it to you on one condition. You have to give me another member account. Note – premium membership does not expire soon – has ecoins – is a cool account If you want my account,em il me at andrea. Huryy b4 it gets taken! Sryy guys, im the one who asked the question. Apparantly, my friend spent my ecoins and i have very little left like only 9. Im really sorry but i will buy more. Usernamestella Passwordnov Hopefully you like it Its safechat So noone bans it. First u have to add me on fantage and buy me a friendship bracelet then go to the severgray owl meet me at the beach school fashion or le shop then i will tell u how to get there on the safe chat hope u like it xd. Hey guys im gonna give my account and it work i mean its real just try Usernemetakica Passwordtakica00 Just try it cant go wrong i mean it is real and dont mess eny thing. Yah right. It is not true i checed of maybe the password changed, but it is not even been made. Snowboardinguser Yugiho1-pass It really works. It isnt a mem but it has alot of stuff and youl win alot of fasion shows. Here,plz message me at youtube so u can give me yours. Im going to kill myself because fantage themembers aremean to me i wish ihad amemberbt they keep hacking so biii. Can no onecan get on it this password that i got is real. Hey guyz if you need memship 4 fantage and other stuff the g to the web freefantage and earn pints to get prizes!!! Here r my girls please make them mems thx U starfish P U wuu P kirkland1 If u ban, cheat, or hack i will change the passes. Dont wanna do that. First off, im william mavuquestian. Flowerfriend99 has been posted on other sites, so ill give her to u. Shes an expired mem and this is her account U flowerfriend99 P peace4peace!!! Ps there is no!!! In her pass srry 4 that U Flowerfriend99 P Peace4peace. I have a premium member account. Username ally4eve93 password ally93 If it doesnt work, i have changed the pass, because someone has banned her. Sorry if her passed is changed . Useisabel Passsamson15 Useyakuri Pass Take care! Okay u have to email me its longadrienna yahoo. I have a premium member but somone sold alot here she is User im not giving u her cause Pass none of u work. Usenameflora Passwordflora She have ,ecoins and 10,stars and 30gems Take it for you i dont want fantage! Fantage is bad and stupet!!! Here is my account i dont need it anymore fantage is dumb she has lots of clothes and ecoin. Username omgiomgi Password let12in. Reeg my username p my pass Sorry if it doent work becuase its not my acount its my friends and she gave it me thats wat she said her username is and the pass. Hello Do not change password and also do not band it! User bessii Pass Uemilysparks16 Pkocharyan Utakica Ptakica00 Srry tat someone bann her so i change their pass. Im giving away my username with pass!!! Non mem srry Uunits5 Plight4 Ok im not changing the pass cause nobody bann her. Username is siscaelena Password is sisca Ok if u bann ill change the pass,ok? Then if i already change the pass,u cannot use her anymore So srry for tat! Wait,dont sell or delete buddies! But i havent change the pass so enjoy!!! My first user is winniethegreat My first pass is My second user is mylee My second pass is So plz im confused so u must help me who is better Ok so enjoy them!!! Want to hav mem user? And pass? No way im not telling u her Shes a mem tat was secret so ill never tell her I dont want if someone bann Or change pass So plz dont bann and dont take my secret. In tom and jerry,non u believe itsays tom and jerry saysnon u dont believe itthey confused who is true of course Theyre thinking their self. Userstella Passwordstella I got bored of fantage so anyone can take mine. Hey its your biggest fan yup civic and i will be giving you her account for trade i cant take it anymore people is following me good luck with that so my email is bribriwhiby gmail. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Username Password Register. Activate account! My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Prev question. Next question. Back to questions list. Top cheats View all. FantAge Question and Answers . Best answer. To lets trade, It doesnt work I hope u guys can be honest. Its i made a mistake on the pass xd Usernamestella Passwordnov Well i just want a mem account u no not a non if u used to be a mem thats ok. Passfucku If u think this is not true c 4 urself. What should i do? I really want a membership if i could go to the Vids some is fake!! Ah i dont know much about fantage can u guys Tell me what to do and how to lvl up? Can you give it to mee tplz im talking to boy or girl thats first. Hi Im really look for a boy members username and password. Hey i am kendall i have a fantage account for trade email me at brooke. Stop banning halloweencandy3! Shes a member!


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