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Obtaining a real estate agent license is just a click away. Education is good for 2 years from the completion date of the pre-licensing course. Once a student completes the application process, the applicant will receive a letter of approval from the NDREC, which includes a test id. A student has 4 months from the date of that letter to take the exam for the first time. If the student fails, they have 12 months from the date they took the first exam to pass. If the salesperson applicant passes one portion of the examination, national or state, the salesperson applicant shall not be required to repeat that portion of the examination if that applicant passes the remaining portion within twelve months from the date of the first examination. An applicant must submit a new application in complete detail together with the statutory fees if the examination has not been passed within the same twelve-month period. North Dakota requires all active licensees to carry errors and omission insurance, proof of which must be provided to the Commission office prior to the issuance of a real estate license. This fee is paid by the licensee only once. Applied Measurement Professionals Inc. AMP is our license examination provider. Click here to read the AMP Candidate handbook. You may also go to www. Courses Home Courses Real Estate. Purchase Information Information needed to know before Purchasing the course There is no refund once the course is purchased. This course is completely online. The course is not downloadable. The student can work through the course at their convenience. This course is NOT designed to be printed for security purposes and copyright regulations. Course Expiration – A student has six 6 months to complete the program. The date of expiration is at the top of the Course Page. For example if the registration date is January 1, the date of expiration is June 30, at Midnight Eastern Standard Time. If the course is not completed within the six 6 month time period, extension options are available for a fee. The textbook s that are in the package the student selected will be mailed by U. Priority Mail. The postmaster advertises 2 to 3 day delivery. The companion textbook to the course is included in all packages, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The link to the Student Login is at the top of every webpage. Course Information Information for Taking the course Login – The student can access their Course Page by going to the Student Login link which is located in the top corner of the website. Each session corresponds to the chapters in the text book. To complete a session and move on to the next, you must finish the required assignments for that session. These assignments consist of watching the video presentation for the required amount of time, completing vocabulary matching exercises and passing the session quizzes. Video Presentation – This is a recorded video of our instructor going over the session with a power point presentation to help provide examples. Speeding the video up does not reduce the time requirement. Session Quizzes As the student works through the course, there is an assessment quiz after every video presentation. If the student fails the third set of questions, the first set is issued again. The time spent will be counted toward the total time required. See seat-time below. Agreement – Once the student successfully completes the summary or practice exam a link to the Agreement becomes available. Every course requires the student to complete the Agreement, which states the student completed the course on their own. Seat time Seat-time Requirement State law mandates a 90 hour course for pre-licensure. As a result, there is a seat-time requirement of 4, minutes 90 hours x 50 minute hours. Each video presentation has a time requirement and the total course has a time requirement. All time spent on the video presentations, quizzes, matching exercise, text links, and any supplemental quizzes, all count towards the MINIMUM time requirement. Students can spend as much time as necessary to learn the material, so this time requirement is NOT a maximum requirement. Non-movement of the mouse for more than 20 minutes will disengage the student from the course page. Exams Practice Exam – The course has a practice exam if the state requires a final end-of-course exam. The practice exam has a 3 to 1 ratio of questions and as explained previously all students are encouraged to work through all questions in the bank and time spent will count towards the minimum time requirement. The exam has multiple choice questions. Upon completing end-of-course exam, the grade will be shown. License Application Process Education is good for 2 years from the completion date of the pre-licensing course. Licensing requirements Applicant must be 18 years of age or older. Applicants for a North Dakota real estate license must possess a good reputation for competency, honesty, truthfulness, financial integrity and fair dealing.


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