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What is Firestorm?

Firestorm is an online platform that offers a wide range of products and services, including fashion, beauty, electronics, and more.

How does Firestorm work?

Firestorm partners with various brands and merchants to offer exclusive deals and discounts to its users.

Why should you use promo codes on Firestorm?

Using promo codes on Firestorm can help you save money on your purchases.

How can you find promo codes on Firestorm?

You can find promo codes on Firestorm by browsing through the platform’s deals section.

What kind of deals can you find on Firestorm?

Firestorm offers a wide range of deals, including discounts on fashion and beauty products, electronics, travel, and more.

Are the deals on Firestorm legit?

Yes, the deals on Firestorm are legitimate.

Can anyone use Firestorm?

Yes, anyone can use Firestorm.

After using Firestorm and its promo code WOW, I have seen a significant decrease in my expenses. The deals and discounts offered are truly unbeatable, and I have been able to save a lot of money on various purchases. The user-friendly interface and seamless navigation make it easy to use, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for great deals. Overall, unlocking the power of Firestorm with promo code WOW is an excellent way to save money and get the best deals.

Started by Mikkelpp , February 12, Posted February 12, Posted February 13, Boris is also a special event that comes at certain times of the year that will boost a character to max level with some gear not max gear. A Game Masters role is to help players, to guide them in their journey and to make sure that everyones stay on Firestorm is as pleasant as possible, by making sure that we all respect the rules, and each other. You will thus be a support for the whole international community in game, and on the forum. Prerequisites A good knowledge of WoW as a whole, but with a strong emphasize on the expansion you are applying on. Proper english skills, including a flawless spelling and the capability to follow and answer in a voice conversation. Having a great level of patience and compassion when in contact with players! Being at least 18 years old, and mature Having a functional mic, and a valid discord account A strong will to help, and being able to listen, not just hear! Being able to organize and schedule your own time Being available at least 10 hours a week, regularly if you can log 10h the weekend, but not at all during the week it wont do! Being able to work autonomously but also being comfortable talking with your team! Anything that you can put forward in your application, that would make us chose you over someone else! How to apply? You will join a team of people with their own set of skills diversity is a good thing! Example Discord All of your Firestorm account emails Your forum account name The more information and details you provide, the better! It shows involvement, but also helps us evaluate your potential as individual, and within the team. Telling us that youre motivated in two lines probably wont work out we expect to get to know you a little bit when reading your application. To get some insight on you, your personnal experience and knowledge! Your application will be reviewed and we will send you an email back with our answer, usually within a week. If it gets accepted we will contact you directly on discord to proceed with a voice interview in order to get to know each other better! The International staff thanks you for your interest, and hopes to hear from you soon! It is possible to apply for one of the two platforms only. Who are we, what are our jobs? The moderators are the people mainly in charge of monitoring the Firestorm forum and the International rooms on the public Discord. They have almost no power in game and will never intervene in game except in very exceptional cases. They monitor the forum in terms of its content, moderate, warn and sanction people who do not respect the rules. They also provide assistance to players and respond to those who encounter problems. A minimum of information is to be provided when applying. It goes without saying that two lines to say that you are motivated will not be enough. If your application interests us, you will be contacted automatically by Discord or by email for a possible interview and then a test period will follow, the duration of which will depend entirely on you. Please indicate your firestorm account email as well as your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there. Are required in your application Be 16 years of age or older. Impeccable spelling. Know how to use a forum correctly. A minimum of knowledge on WoW. Being able to keep your cool, have rigor, regularity and autonomy. Will be a plus for your application Relatively wide schedules. Have already been a moderator on other forums or other discords if so, indicate which ones. And what you may find interesting to highlight. Please indicate your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there. The Firestorm Team thanks you for your future involvement. See you soon. This topic also allows you to verify the teams identity so you wont make any mistakes or get scammed by a malicious player impersonating a staff member. Please note that no team member will ever ask for your credentials or personal information. Sign in to follow this Followers 0. Title Free promo codes Type Forums Description Dear Firestorm i was wondering if you could realease some free promo codes, like a lvl boost or free coins? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Hello, Promo codes come at special events or special times of the year. Boris is also a special event that comes at certain times of the year that will boost a character to max level with some gear not max gear Just keep a look out for the announcements. This topic is now closed to further replies. Go To Topic Listing Declined. Sign In Sign Up.
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