Win a Sparkling Spheal Enter Our Shiny Spheal Giveaway Today!

Are you a fan of Pokémon and looking to add a new member to your collection? Look no further than our Shiny Spheal Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win this rare and sparkling Pokémon that is sure to impress any trainer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this unique Spheal to your team.

What is the Shiny Spheal Giveaway?

The Shiny Spheal Giveaway is a contest where participants have the chance to win a unique and rare shiny Spheal Pokémon.

How can I enter the giveaway?

To enter the giveaway, simply fill out the entry form on the contest page and follow the instructions provided.

What is a shiny Spheal?

A shiny Spheal is a rare variation of the Spheal Pokémon that has a different coloration than the normal Spheal.

When does the giveaway end?

The giveaway end date is specified on the contest page.

How will the winner be selected?

The winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries received during the contest period.

What are the rules for the giveaway?

The rules for the giveaway are listed on the contest page.

Participating in our Shiny Spheal Giveaway can be a fantastic opportunity to add a unique and rare Pokemon to your collection. The excitement of entering the contest and waiting for the results can be a thrilling experience for every Pokemon fan. Moreover, winning the Shiny Spheal can give you an edge in your battles and make your gameplay even more enjoyable. So, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and enter the giveaway today!

The details were given to us in advance thanks Niantic! We can now confirm a few further details about this years Holiday Event including the release of Shiny Galarian Darumaka. That means the drop date will be Thursday, December 23, , at AM. Its looking like we wont be getting wild spawns. Heres what I noticed from the blog. Now, normally, Id assume that a Shiny release for the costumed form is a Shiny release for the standard form. The reason I dont want to outright say that Shiny Spheal will be unlocked in its standard form after the event is because of something said in this years Fashion Week announcement. In the blog, Niantic explicitly clarified that it would be encounterable in its Shiny form out of costume after the event. They did not say the same of Spheal. This could well be just another communication failure on Niantics part, though, so stay tuned to Bleeding Cool during and after the event as we wait for Spheal to sparkle without its costume. Credit Niantic. Enjoyed this? Please share on social media! Comments will load 8 seconds after page. Click here to load them now. Latest by Theo Dwyer. Heres where they can be found. Latest in Games. Netmarble revealed a brand new trailer this week for their upcoming MOBA Overprime, as we get a more cinematic look at the game. Amazon Games has released a new trailer this week for their upcoming game Lost Ark as we get a better look at the gameplay.
I am sending 90 of these named karps into wonder trade. If you happen to get one, take a picture of it and let me know! Or, I can modify a pokemon you own for you, your choice. Only the magikarps are counted as a ticket. The Spheals are not valid as tickets. I start wondertrading on August 26th at 5pm CDT. Your best chance is to just keep trading while I am trading! I ask that you at least try to send out something besides the normal ralts, froakie, zigzagoon, eevees and wurmples. Try to send out something unique. You could always breed pokemon! And please , keep your nicknames appropriate! Kids play pokemon too, so think of the young trainers out there when you nickname your wonder trade pokemon. The same applies if you get a pokemon with an inappropriate nickname from wonder trade. A young trainer could get it. Take a picture of your karp with the OT and nickname showing and either tag me in that post, or send me a link to that post. Anything I am able to get. Provided the wifi trade lets me trade it to you. Or, you could ask for event pokemon, like mew, arceus, meloetta, keldeo, etc. Though not all event pokemon can legally be shiny. Or you could ask me to modify a pokemon you own change its nature, ball, IVs, make it shiny, etc. You can also ask for an item to be put on your requested pokemon. Please do not clone the karp tickets. But I must have a way of communicating with them so I can get them the pokemon they want. Validity of the tickets expire 1 week after I send them out. She was unable to use the code because my girlfriend is in the UK and this is a US code so I am resetting for one that meets her specifications. I love her. I can give you anything you like in exchange for your trouble. A shiny, a custom made pokemon, a 6iv foreign ditto, cloning service, etc. Anything to make this reset process faster. And honestly, for me, personally, it actually makes the game MORE enjoyable because it takes away certain things that I used to stress about. A bunch of special ball pokemon, to name a few. What if I wanted to breed them in the future? Better hang on to them! What about that beldum I just got in wonder trade? Thigns like that, you know? Powersave took the pressure off of keeping pokemon like that for me. Getting said pokemon are really easy if you keep a shiny 6iv ditto around. The inventory codes are divided into categories, like medicine, tools and berries. I really do enjoy item hunting, but I like not having to worry about potions and pokeballs. There are codes that will make you have of the item in slot 1 and then leave the rest alone. Now I can catch a pokemon in any ball I want without the worry of running out, but I can still have the fun of hunting the other items. I can use any kind I want and as many as I want with no worry. AND I can give them away to other people. I still have fun growing berries, hunting items, SOS chaining, breeding for IVs, abilities, shinies, etc. Its all personal preference I guess, but imho a powersave only takes as much away from the game as you allow it to. The golden prize tickets have returned! And they brought some purple Spheals with them! How do I turn it in? Of course! If anyone has any additional questions, please feel free to ask! Does anyone have a Zeraora I can borrow? Anonymous asked Rosie, do you mind if I ask you how powersave affects your gameplay? Ive thought about getting one but.. Ive been told it just ruins the game and the challenge. What do you think? I just wanted to remind you that you are important, loved and that you matter.


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