Win Big with Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes Enter Now!

As a beer lover, you might want to consider trying your luck with the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes. With a chance to win big prizes by simply entering, this sweepstake promises to be an exciting experience for all beer enthusiasts. So, grab a cold can of Keystone Light Orange, and get ready to enter for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

1. What is the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes?
The Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes is a promotional event that gives consumers a chance to win big prizes by purchasing specially marked Keystone Light cans.

2. How do I enter the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes?
To enter the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes, you need to purchase a specially marked Keystone Light can with an orange tab, and then visit the sweepstakes website to enter your unique code.

3. What can I win in the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes?
The Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes offers a range of prizes, including a grand prize of $10,000, as well as smaller prizes such as cash, gift cards, and Keystone Light merchandise.

4. When does the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes end?
The Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes runs from August 1, 2021, to October 31, 2021, so be sure to enter before the deadline.

5. How many times can I enter the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes?
You can enter the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes as many times as you like, but you must have a unique code from a specially marked can for each entry.

Participating in the Keystone Light Orange Can Sweepstakes can be a great way to win big prizes such as a trip to a football game or a $10,000 cash prize. Many users have reported positive experiences with the sweepstakes, mentioning that it is easy to enter and that the prizes are definitely worth the effort. So why wait? Enter now and see if you can be the lucky winner of Keystone Light’s exciting sweepstakes!

Find out more at keystonelight. Want more chances to win? Keystone Light Sweepstakes Entry Form keystonelight. Tags Keystone Light Sweepstakes , keystonelight. Sacha Bower Sep 24, Marc searfoss Sep 25, Rachel Randolph Sep 26, JB Sep 26, Robert grippando Sep 27, Eden Holm Sep 27, Denise Harmsen Sep 28, Carlo Smith Sep 28, Johnny surratt Sep 29, TBone Sep 29, Tritip Oct 1, Daniel Cox Oct 2, Rev Oct 3, Sam Johnson Oct 3, Randy Russell Oct 3, Tim Dietrich Sr. Oct 4, Al Simmons Oct 5, I do not own a cell phone to take pictures of orange can found in Keystone now what? Regina Hamilton Oct 6, Jim Oct 6, Mary Brekeen Oct 8, Lisa Oct 10, Kristine Korpi Oct 13, Patrick Perez Oct 13, Garth Christensen Oct 14, Robert Oct 14, Lane Oct 15, Thomas White Oct 17, Michele Jones Oct 17, Alan Carroll Oct 17, Dwayne Oct 19, Robert Oct 20, Found an orange can in my full rack 30 pack. Do I open it or am I possibly an instant millionaire? Peggy Oct 21, Daniel Kaneholani Oct 22, Great, no one seems to be able to follow your instructions. Randy Szerencse Oct 27, Ronald Smith Oct 28, Tyler McLamb Nov 18, Matt Hicks Dec 2, Ronald Kirkpatrick Dec 21, Jordan Ross Jun 22, Errol Wahlstrom Jun 25, Over 58K people just like you Like us. Add Your Sweepstakes. Found my orange can in Allenwood PA in my cold 30pk. I got 2 Bucks in one 15 pack in Idaho! What do I win? I got 2 Bucks in one 15 pack, in Idaho! KZoo, MI. Found my orange can in South Sulphur Texas. Wild boar is my AR! I got an beautiful Orange Buck for my first orange can. I found all the cans and unlocked the hunt what to do?? I am Lucky? Slidell La. Loring Liquors, Salem Massachusetts. Found an orange one with a 10 point Buck on the can in a 15 pack in Carrollton, VA. What now? I thought I won something. Got an orange buck. What is the point? Clymer pa. Found an orange can. Riddle grocery in Riddle, OR. Latest Sweepstakes Peltzshoes. Keep up with the SweepstakesLovers daily email. Subscribe to our free newsletter.
This post may contain affiliate or referral links. Read our policies for more info. Find an Orange Keystone Light can and snap a photo to enter for your chance to win great prizes like cash, ATVs, backpacks, jackets, coolers, hats, t-shirts and more. Eligibility US, 21 and older. Website Entry Official Rules. If you find an orange can inside the package, you must photograph it and submit the photograph by either text message or e-mail to email protected. Without Purchase Entry click here for a picture of the specially marked orange can, photograph it and submit the photograph by either text message or e-mail to email protected. Click on this Keystone Orange can image and save it to your computer and then email it to the address above. Upon receipt of a valid 5-digit ZIP Code, photograph and date of birth, an entrant will automatically receive one entry into the Sweepstakes. Upon receipt of a valid ZIP code, photograph and date of birth, the entrant will automatically receive one 1 entry into the Sweepstakes. If an entrant does not receive a reply to a text message entry, please email the orange can photo to email protected. Entry Limit one entry per day, regardless of method of entry. Potential winners will be notified via text message or email after the Random Drawing with instructions on how to claim the prize. The notification will include a unique PIN number that must be entered online at a prize redemption website to claim the Prize. I do not remember the exact date, but believe I entered about 3 or maybe even 4 months ago.. Received an email telling me that the entry went through ok, but have not heard back from you.. I think everyone was to get some kind of prize.. When should I either have or expect to hear back, or is there a way to check the status of my entry or something? Please fill this form out within 5 calendar days or your prize may be forfeited. Pending verification of eligibility within the official rules, you will receive this prize at the address you register. We want to thank you again for your participation, and we hope that you enjoy your prize! When I click on the link to claim the prize, I get a website indicating the contest is over without any link for claiming prizes. What a rip off this contest has been. I entered the very first day. Got the confirmation emails. Never heard anything until today??? Got an email just now saying I won but when u click the link it says entries are no longer received?? How do I redeem. Only beer I drink for the past two years is keystone. Apparently the contests reads find a orange keystone light can and win. Who buys light beer? Are there any drawings for prizes currently? If so, will send picture of can. Thank you,. I been saving my orange cans, i got 9 so far. I drank the first 3 or 4, not knowing what they were. Since i never win i dont enter sweepstakes. But i bet i got more than anyone else. Keep seeing them and im likeWTF so i looked about it.


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