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Dwight D. Eisenhower s tenure as the 34th president of the United States began on his inauguration on January 20, , and ended on January 20, Eisenhower, a Republican , took office as president following his victory over Democrat Adlai Stevenson in the presidential election. John F. Kennedy succeeded him after winning the presidential election. Eisenhower held office during the Cold War , a period of geopolitical tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. Eisenhowers New Look policy stressed the importance of nuclear weapons as a deterrent to military threats, and the United States built up a stockpile of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons delivery systems during Eisenhowers presidency. Soon after taking office, Eisenhower negotiated an end to the Korean War , resulting in the partition of Korea. In response to the Cuban Revolution , the Eisenhower administration broke ties with Cuba and began preparations for an invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles, eventually resulting in the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. In domestic affairs, Eisenhower supported a policy of modern Republicanism that occupied a middle ground between liberal Democrats and the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Eisenhower continued New Deal programs, expanded Social Security , and prioritized a balanced budget over tax cuts. He played a major role in establishing the Interstate Highway System , a massive infrastructure project consisting of tens of thousands of miles of divided highways. Though he did not embrace the Supreme Court s landmark desegregation ruling in the case of Brown v. Board of Education , Eisenhower enforced the Courts holding and signed the first significant civil rights bill since the end of Reconstruction. Eisenhower won the presidential election in a landslide and maintained positive approval ratings throughout his tenure, but the launch of Sputnik 1 and a poor economy contributed to Republican losses in the elections. Eisenhower left office popular with the public but viewed by many commentators as a do-nothing president. His reputation improved after the release of his private papers in the s. Polls of historians and political scientists rank Eisenhower in the top quartile of presidents. William P. Rogers was the last surviving member of Eisenhowers cabinet, having died on January 2, Going into the Republican presidential primaries , the two major contenders for the Republican presidential nomination were General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio. Taft had been a candidate for the Republican nomination twice before but had been defeated both times by moderate Republicans from New York Wendell Willkie in and Thomas E. Dewey in Dewey, the partys presidential nominee in and , led the moderate wing of the party, centered in the Eastern states. These moderates supported most of the New Deal and tended to be interventionists in the Cold War. Dewey himself declined to run for president a third time, but he and other moderates sought to use his influence to ensure that Republican ticket hewed closer to their wing of the party. Two weeks later, at the National Governors Conference meeting, seven Republican governors endorsed his candidacy. Eisenhower suggested in late that he would not oppose any effort to nominate him for president, although he still refused to seek the nomination actively. The Taft forces put up a strong fight in the remaining primaries, and, by the time of the July Republican National Convention , it was still unclear whether Taft or Eisenhower would win the presidential nomination. When the Republican National Convention opened in Chicago , Eisenhowers managers accused Taft of stealing delegate votes in Southern states, claiming that Tafts allies had unfairly denied delegate spots to Eisenhower supporters and put Taft delegates in their place. Lodge and Dewey proposed to evict the pro-Taft delegates in these states and replace them with pro-Eisenhower delegates they called this proposal Fair Play. Eisenhower also received two more boosts first when several uncommitted state delegations, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, decided to support him and second, when Stassen released his delegates and asked them to support Eisenhower. The removal of many pro-Taft Southern delegates and the support of the uncommitted states decided the nomination in Eisenhowers favor, which he won on the first ballot. Afterward, Senator Richard Nixon of California was nominated by acclamation as his vice-presidential running mate. Incumbent President Harry S. Truman fared poorly in the polls and decided to not run in There was no clear frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Stevenson for president on the third ballot. Senator John Sparkman of Alabama was selected as his running mate. The convention ended with widespread confidence that the party had selected a powerful presidential contender who would field a competitive campaign.


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