Win Electrifying Prizes Enter our Electabuzz and Magmar Giveaway Today!

Are you ready to win some electrifying prizes? Then look no further than our Electabuzz and Magmar Giveaway! Feel the excitement as you enter for a chance to win these powerful and rare Pokemon. Don’t miss your opportunity to add these electrifying creatures to your collection – enter today!

What are the prizes in the Electabuzz and Magmar giveaway?

– The prizes are electrifying and include a rare shiny Electabuzz and a shiny Magmar with exclusive moves.

How can I enter the giveaway?

– You can enter the giveaway by following the instructions on our social media platforms, such as liking and sharing our giveaway post.

When does the giveaway end?

– The giveaway ends on a specific date that will be announced on our social media platforms.

Can I enter the giveaway multiple times?

– No, each person can only enter the giveaway once to ensure fairness.

How will the winner be chosen?

– The winner will be chosen randomly through a computer-generated selection process.

Is the Electabuzz and Magmar giveaway open worldwide?

– Yes, the giveaway is open worldwide as long as the winner is able to receive the prize in their respective country.

What if I have more questions about the giveaway?

– You can contact us through our social media platforms or email us directly for any further questions or concerns.

By participating in our Electabuzz and Magmar Giveaway, users have a chance to win electrifying prizes that will make their gaming experience even more exciting. The feedback from previous winners has been overwhelmingly positive, with many reporting an increase in their enjoyment of the game as a result of having these powerful Pokémon on their team. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to add some serious firepower to your collection – enter our giveaway today!

In addition, it will respond more frequently to Incense. Lets get into the details. You likely already know this, but yes, Electabuzz can be Shiny in the wild. It is an obvious Shiny, with orange skin instead of yellow. Tonights bonus is double transfer Candy! I personally love this bonus and suggest prioritizing transferring over catching if youre already all set on Electabuzz. All those extra Reshiram and Zekrom you have from raids? Those could all yield extra Candy when transferred tonight. My tip is to always analyze your storage and ask yourself honestly How many of these am I going to trade? Credit Niantic. Enjoyed this? Please share on social media! Comments will load 8 seconds after page. Click here to load them now. Latest by Theo Dwyer. Heres where they can be found. Latest in Games. Netmarble revealed a brand new trailer this week for their upcoming MOBA Overprime, as we get a more cinematic look at the game. Amazon Games has released a new trailer this week for their upcoming game Lost Ark as we get a better look at the gameplay.
This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Demelza Eevee Tamer. Eeveekid , SilverGengar , purpledragon13 and 5 others like this. I have an Electabuzz from a friends Safari anyway Magpie , Apr 4, KoL Seems like a waste not to give these two their XD Gale of Darkness movesets since itd give both of them access to Follow Me, which neither of them can learn otherwise. Still a pretty cool event though and Ill be picking up that Magmar as soon as I can. KoL , Apr 4, Munchlax , Apr 4, Very odd that theyre distributing the Pokemon this way though, rather than simply Come into the store and download it like usual. Demelza , Apr 4, Nerdtendo Is it only for the UK? Nerdtendo , Apr 4, Teapot , Apr 4, Dominic Andorfer Too bad its only for the UK. Dominic Andorfer , Apr 5, Last edited Apr 5, EpicKittySunset yay i got a elvoved magmar X3 been waiting for this since it came out. EpicKittySunset , Apr 5, ChaosTechno Is this event available in the US? ChaosTechno , Apr 5, Teapot , Apr 5, Wild Jr. Anyone getting an extra? Corion If they had made Z version, Rhydon would of probably been the event for that version. With a protector. Corion , Apr 6, Awoken , Apr 9, Were reporting the news that we have. Does it mean they hate you? It simply means that the giveaway isnt happening in those regions just yet, or hasnt been advertised yet. Honestly, if youre so desperate for an Electabuzz or Magmar, ask for one in our Wifi Forum! As KoL pointed out above, theres nothing particularly special about this ones moveset. Corion likes this. As Bara has pointed out, it is indeed just a regular, bog-standard Magmar besides the fact that its in a Cherish Ball. KoL , Apr 10, Corion , Apr 11, Trofl I picked up my Magmar, so happy its nature is modest! Now I gotta wait until I see my best friend is online, so I can evolve it. Last edited by a moderator Apr 23, Trofl , Apr 11, Smoke End date has been set at 11th May according to the girl in Game that served me but the code has to be redeemed by Sept 14th or some date in Sept. Smoke , Apr 14, Power man i would get electabuzz. Power man , Jun 14, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is Forgot your password?
Everyone that joins can have all 3 pokemon, magmar, electabuzz and rhydon are set to evolve. I wont remove the items from them. First come first serve till i am out of pokemon. Couldnt teach them all the moves i wanted in this pre-evolution state so its up to you to do that, if you dont like the ev spread use a reset bag. Thank you and Enjoy . This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Rules Deposit any pokemon in gts except starters and zigzagoon Ask for them at level Follow me to participate in all future giveaways Magmar is modest SpAtk hp SpDf Electabuzz is jolly attack and speed Rhydon is careful SpDf Hp Attack Couldnt teach them all the moves i wanted in this pre-evolution state so its up to you to do that, if you dont like the ev spread use a reset bag. Likes Comments Like Deposited level 3 female wurmple for Magmar Ign Luis. Hey I deposited a marill for electabuzz my ign is Moll. The Shining One Author. Reply to The Shining One Awesome thanks! Please trade with me. I deposited Marill, female, level 11 for Electabuzz. IGN Sean. I deposited Roseila, male, level 15 for Magmar. Got it. Reply to The Shining One Thank you so much! From The Shining One Which is your favorite? Featured post Buizel Painting. Join the community. Get App. More from The Shining One.


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