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Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel? One of the most effective ways to attract new subscribers and keep your existing audience engaged is by hosting exciting giveaways. These promotions can help you build brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive more traffic to your channel. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and strategies for running successful giveaways that will help you boost your YouTube channel growth.

What are giveaways and how can they help grow your YouTube channel?

Giveaways are promotional tools used to attract new audiences and engage existing ones.

What types of giveaways work best for YouTube channels?

The best giveaways are those that align with your brand and content.

How can you promote your giveaways on YouTube?

Make sure to create a dedicated video announcing the giveaway, and include the details in the description and pinned comment.

What are some best practices for conducting a successful giveaway?

Be clear about the rules and eligibility criteria, and select a fair and random winner.

Can giveaways lead to long-term growth for your YouTube channel?

Yes, giveaways can help you gain new subscribers and retain existing ones.

In conclusion, exciting giveaways are a powerful tool to boost your YouTube channel growth. They can help create a sense of community, increase engagement, and attract new viewers to your channel. By offering valuable prizes and promoting your giveaways effectively, you can take your channel to the next level and achieve your goals as a content creator. So don’t hesitate to try this strategy and see the results for yourself!

One of the easiest and at the same time, most effective ways of growing your YouTube channel is by organizing a giveaway on YouTube or a so-called YouTube contest. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to make your giveaway popular. This is the first question that you have to ask yourself. You can get a bit creative with your goals in that you can ask giveaway participants to both subscribe to your YouTube channel and follow you on Facebook or Instagram depending on what social media account you want to grow besides your channel. Something that might be a tad too complicated would be for you to use a giveaway platform where you give people points for each action they have completed. Unfortunately, this method is rarely worth it and people can just lose patience and avoid joining the giveaway altogether if they see that they have to login and do a lot of actions in order to join your contest. Well, not necessarily. However, the prize does have to somehow be relevant to your audience. Otherwise, they might just not be that interested. For example, if you are a booktuber, the best idea would be for you to give a book away. The suggestion that we have for you, in this case, is to look for a shop that orders everywhere in the world and that does that for free. Bookdepository is a great example. If you are in the marketing or general online niche, things are much easier as you can basically give away subscriptions to services such as Ahrefs, POP, SEMRush, or any other marketing tools that you might have mentioned or might have explained in your videos. Obviously, this automatically eliminates the transportation fee complication since anyone can get those tools. There are lots of ways of promoting your giveaway from using actual YouTube ads to asking people to share your videos on social media. While that is a clear downside, there are other ways of promoting your contest, such as the following. For instance, you can both organize two giveaways at the same time and ask both of your audiences to like the videos and subscribe to both of the channels. And share them. Your audience has to know what to expect when joining your contest. Then explain in as much detail as possible what the contest is, its prize, and what people have to do in order to join. It would be awful for someone to win the giveaway only to find out that they cannot receive the prize because of any shipping rules that a site might have. Another aspect worth adding here is that your giveaway should always be completely free to join. Even if you ask people to like and share your video or subscribe to your channel, they should never have to pay anything to join your contest. Most of these events can fall under three main categories. In some states, organizing a lottery is illegal, so do keep that in mind. Do your research before running any of these as you might be risking a serious fine depending on where your business is based. Like we were saying previously, it is highly important for you to keep your giveaway as simple as possible. These days people do not have the patience to write an opinion piece, an essay, or even a guest post on anything. Do keep in mind that most Internet users do not like to give away their personal information that easily. As previously stated, you have to make sure that you tell them clearly when and where they can expect to check out the results of the contest. There are several ways of announcing your winners. That way, if people ask about the results, you can just refer them to that video all the time. Read more Essential YouTube Tools. Just how are you going to select the winner of your giveaway? Well, if you have subscribers and there are 40 people joining your contest, you probably can just write down all of the names of the folks that have participated on small pieces of paper, mix them up in a hat, and just pick one. From what we have gathered, there are two ways of using this tool. You can either install a separate Chrome extension so that you have it on hand for the next time you organize a contest or you can use the online picker that they have available on their site. But did you know that this amazing tool actually includes a winner picking feature? Read more How to increase YouTube traffic. The best feature that we found in Wheel Decide is that it lets you record the whole process as you are picking the winner. The user experience might not be something worth writing home about though since inputting a lot of participants takes some time. There could be the option of you uploading a txt file, instead. This random YouTube comment picker app is another that you should consider, especially if you regularly use your phone for managing your channel. The best thing about it is that you can pick several winners at the same time. The app will ask you to input the number of winners you want selected and simply type in the URL of your YouTube video to get everything done for you.


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