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Hanz On Music Present’s Method Man’s The Meth Lab

Hanz On Music Presents Method Man's The Meth Lab Coming Sumer 2014

The mixtape will be commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Tical which was Meth’s solo debut album which was released in 1994. The anticipation, and excitement has not only stirred up from his fans, but also from various Hip-Hop magazines and bloggers. Please see below for links to websites talking about The Meth Lab. 

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Hannibal The Great Release Party Photos

On April 25th, we celebrated the release of Hanz On’s “Hannibal The Great” at Edgewater Hall on Staten Island. Guests included Method Man, Redman, and more.

Below are some photos from the event. Pick up your copy of the album on Bandcamp.

‘Liquid Swords’ box set reminder of Wu-Tang dominance

wu-tang clan mixtapes have inspired a generationWhen you mention the year 1995 to any hip-hop fan in their late 20s or above, you might be susceptible to them pining for a lost era, the so-called last “golden age” before the signing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that changed radio and popular music, especially hip-hop, forever. If you’re not old enough to remember the mid-1990s and what it symbolizes in the eyes of older hip-hop fans, it might come off as a bit of “baby-boomer-mad-that-it’s-not-the-1960s” whining.

But trust the older folks. They kind of have a point.
It’s one of the last eras where rap was fine being just rap and didn’t have to collaborate with outside forces or care about said outside forces in order to be successful. It was one of the last eras in which a hip-hop artist could be willfully unique, dark and impenetrable musically and still move masses of people willing to go along with the creator’s journey. It’s not that it doesn’t happen now, it’s that it doesn’t happen on a bigger scale anymore.
That’s what makes GZA’S “Liquid Swords” a remarkable album, and it’s why it deserves to be part of Get On Down’s Masters Series.
After the success of several Wu-Tang Clan solo albums (Raekwon’s “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx,” Method Man’s “Tical” and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Return to the 36 Chambers”), “Liquid Swords” might have bested them all.
While Raekwon brought the aggression, Method Man brought the vibe and Dirty brought the sideshow, GZA (with help from RZA on the production boards) brought the vibe, the aggression and the skills that pulled listeners in and didn’t let them go until the final track faded out. Among many hip-hop heads, “Liquid Swords” is considered the best Wu-Tang solo album not named “Supreme Clientele.”
While “Liquid Swords” didn’t have the massive hits that the previous three Wu solo outputs had, it was the most put-together album. That’s why Get On Down decided to lionize this LP with a box set that includes the original album remastered, a separate disc for instrumentals (available for the first time), 20 pages of liner notes that include an interview with GZA about the making of the album and a fantastic chess set with miniature pieces and a board printed onto the inner lining of the box that the set comes in.
The instrumentals were remastered from original source tapes and give the listener a chance to imagine what the genius was feeling when he wrote his rhymes—or maybe even inspire the listener to write some. With the chess set, whether you were introduced to chess through the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Da Art of Shadowboxing” music video or are just a chess player who happens to be a Wu fan, the addition makes the box set a must-have.
After the success of ODB’s “Return to the 36 Chambers” wallet/ID card reissue last year, Get On Down proves they know their audience again with this celebration of yet another Wu-related LP. “Liquid Swords” is a must-own.

Source: Amsterdam News

Wu-Tang Clan Mixtapes Inspired A Generation Of Rap Fans

wu-tang clan mixtapes have inspired a generation

If someone ever sets out to list the most important names in hip hop, it is difficult to imagine that their list would not include Wu-Tang Clan. This super group has released some of the biggest hip hop songs that the industry has known, proving amazing staying power in a difficult game. Wu-Tang Clan mixtapes have helped inspire an entire generation of DJs and artists.

Like many other groups, mixtapes are the way that these rappers first got their music out to the fans. In 1993, they released the independent single “Protect Ya Neck,” which became a huge underground hit in the hip hop community. It even led to a tour with superstars Cypress Hill, which helped them get the attention they needed.

Once the offers started coming in for major record deals, the group had trouble finding a label that would sign them as a group but allow the members to create independent rap mixtapes. Finally, they made an agreement with RCA Records and got to work on their first major release. Their debut album, “Enter The Wu-Tang” was a huge hit and set the tone for their amazing career.

In the years that followed, Wu-Tang Clan became one of the most influential groups in all of hip hop music. Wu-Tang Clan mixtapes became a favorite for DJs who wanted to show off their style with some truly amazing rap. They were named the fifth best hip hop group of all time by MTV, and have topped similar lists by other publications.

Wu-Tang Clan mixtapes helped to set off their amazing career, and have helped them to stay in the public eye over many years. Without them, they may not have been able to have the amazing impact that they have had on the rap industry. Regardless of who else may come onto the scene in the future, nobody will be able to touch the legacy of Wu-Tang Clan.

Ari Allon

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Wu-Tang Clan – A Rich Look into the History of Staten Island Hip Hop

Staten Island Hip Hop | Hanz On Music

Wu-Tang Clan is a gritty American rap group founded in, and mostly hailing from, Staten Island, New York. The group is comprised of nine original members from the New York City boroughs of Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Wu-Tang Clan’s original members are: RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Quasi-member Cappadonna is sometimes included as a founding member. Continue reading